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Wriggle and Rhyme

Category: Do / Music Lessons

City: Cape Town

Tel: 079 740 4561




Wriggle and Rhyme is a relaxed, fun music programme developed for moms (or carers) and their children to enjoy together. The classes are an hour long - the first 30 minutes is a structured musical class. The second 30 minutes is social time, with refreshments provided for the grown-ups.

The Wriggle and Rhyme programme has been written in South Africa for the South African context. Our programme uses different educational themes each term to engage children with music in their everyday life, using a simple storyline and characters that the children fall in love with.

Music is a phenomenal catalyst for learning in pre-school children, so the programme uses props, puppets, teaching aids and movement to engage and stimulate the children. Each child has their own set of instruments in class to use.

There are two age groups available:

  • The WRIGGLERS for children from 6-18 months old
  • The RHYMERS for children from 18 months to 3 years old

Classes take place in various locations in the Southern Suburbs and South Peninsula of Cape Town.

More specific info on class locations, times and fees can be found on our website. Wriggle and Rhyme is also a fantastic business opportunity for moms who want the flexibility of working from home, but still need to earn a solid income. More info on the business opportunity is also available on our website too.

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