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What is an au pair?

What is an Au pair?

An au pair in South Africa, is a professional, responsible, experienced and even trained person who cares for the child’s entire welfare whilst in his or her care and is not responsible for general household duties. An au pair in South Africa is the equivalent of a Professional Nanny in the UK.

Au pairs are expected to do more than just supervise the children in their care. While parents are always a child's primary care providers and role models, it is an au pairs job to support the parents by contributing to the children’s vital support network and assisting the parents to ensure that their children become well adjusted, happy, positive members of society. An au pair  helps  with the daily activities related to the child’s needs, from lifting to helping with homework, preparing healthy snacks and filling the children´s days with fun, age appropriate activities. This leaves time for mom and dad to relax with their children and enjoy a healthy relationship which ultimately will provide the basis to develop the communication and trust needed between children and parents as they get older.

Under our our Au pair Services you can request an infant care specialist, night nurse, a toddler/preschooler specialist, professional nanny/ au pair ( working with more than one age group simultaneously), learner carer, tutor or driver.

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