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What is a night nurse?

What is a Night Nurse?

In the first instance,  the characteristics of the most highly requested 'type' of night nurse is for someone who looks after an infant or toddler usually overnight for a period of 12 hours at a time, for a maximum of up to 5 nights per week. Usually this type of night nurse is someone who qualifies as an infant care specialist or professional nanny . Their job is similar to that of a day time professional nanny. A night nurse in this instance is in charge of the welfare of the child or children through out the time at which they are on duty. This includes changing the child or children's  diapers, feeding them, prepping bottles if necessary and putting them back down to sleep, burping them or providing any care required too sooth the child or children during the night in order to allow generally exhausted parents to get some sleep.

The characteristics of the second type of candidate, which is not in as high demand and yet fulfills an extremely important role, would be the auxiliary, prenatal or other qualified nursing staff. Such a candidate is required to care for an infant or toddler usually overnight for a period of 12 hours at a time,  fulfilling all the duties of the aforementioned type of candidate for a maximum of 5 nights a week, however this type of candidate is usually requested to care for infants who are sickly, were born prematurely or have health issues which require round the clock monitoring.

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