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Catering to your families education support needs whether traditional, online or home schooled

Student CARE

In recent times educational needs, structure and delivery has changed drastically. More families than ever are seeking alternative education options for their children in order to manage environmental changes related not only to the Covid pandemic but changing working environments. Sitters4U offers not only tutoring support and special needs facilitation but home schooling teachers and home schooling facilitation. Parents are seeking options which cater to their child's individual learning preferences instead of moulding the child to fit the school and their preferred teaching methodologies.

We aim to make the process of contracting a long, flexi or fixed term student care services easily accessible. Since 2007, we have been building an incredible team of educational professionals who have first aid, vehicles, are educated and experienced, have fantastic and personally checked references; are document, criminal clearance and ITC checked. Today, we cater to full time and part time, short term and long term educational support needs across Cape Town and Gauteng.

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Home Schooling Teachers

For children in Gr. 9 or below whose parents wish to make use of and register their children directly to the department of education and do not make use of an online curriculum provider, a home schooling teacher will do lesson planning, marking, setting tests, class work and delivery. The same teacher can be contracted to cater to your child's educational needs depending on their educational phase.

  • Foundation Phase: Gr.1 - Gr.3
  • Intermediate Phase: Gr.4 - Gr.6
  • Senior Phase: Gr.7 - Gr.9
  • FET Phase: Gr.10 - Gr.12 

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Home Schooling Facilitators

For families with children in Gr. 9 or below whose parents have opted to make use of an online curriculum provider such as Clonard, or Impaq, a home schooling facilitator is not necessarily a qualified teacher, but acts as the in-person support required by online curriculum providers in place of the parent, carrying a lower cost than a home schooling teacher,  due to lowered after hour commitment, and lowered educational requirements in order to act as a facilitator in collaboration with the provider

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Tutors may be contracted for children struggling with a particular subject or subjects. For children in gr. 10 or higher, one cannot contract a single teacher to deliver across multiple subjects due to specialisation required for delivery of subjects, however the same tutor may be able to deliver educational support for children in Gr.9 and below. We offer tutoring both online and in-person.

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Special Needs Facilitators

A special needs facilitator is a trained professional person who is contracted to assist a child, generally in a main stream school or special school environment, where the child has certain learning difficulties or special needs (differently-abled) which are manageable with assistance.

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