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Family Care - Private Child, Education, Adminstrative and Home Support Services


LocalCARE Introduction

LocalCARE is our range of recruiting and vetting services for families seeking long term (longer than 90 day service) fulltime, part time or on-demand FamilyCARE support services.

Sitters4u has offered full service professional placement and recruitment services since 2007. Having processed over 100 000 applications since 2007, we maintain a continually active base of candidates nationally.

Through our LocalCARE families can market their needs to our team, swiftly gauging applications from both our fully pre-vetted active candidate base, meeting and exceeding our requirements for our listed teams (view these here) as well as attracting external candidates  meeting specified criteria, sourced and referred through our network. Through LocalCARE clients can also request individual recruiting and screening services, such as background checks or full screening, even those sourced independently, build service packages in accordance with your needs and budgeting; or order a personalised contract of employment which includes specialized disciplinary sections specifically tailored to home based placements.

While Sitters4U has always offered full service placement and strictly pre-screened candidates, in order to provide services to those that find professional placement fees too exorbitant, we have compartmentalised our service so that local clients can now build their own service package in accordance with their needs.

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LocalCARE Team

While our pre vetted, listed and approved professional team meet or exceed our requirements for listing as provided at the following links for all SwiftSERVICE placements excluding online teachers, LocalCARE family clients may additionally request applications from candidates meeting these same requirements but may additionally request applications from those who do not have a vehicle, which is one of our minimum criteria for all SwiftSEVICE placements excluding online teachers.


Home Managers, Personal Assistants, Chefs, and House Sitters

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  • Marketing of Role for 3 months, until placed or a maximum of 10 applications whichever comes first: R 850
  • Listed (Pre-vetted) Candidate Contact: R 1 800 p/p
  • Micro-vetted Candidate Contact | External Applicant Contact with vehicle: R 500 p/p
  • Micro-vetted Candidate Contact | External Applicant Contact with no vehicle: R 350 p/p
  • Full Vetting and Contact of Unlisted Candidates and Client Sourced Candidates: R 2500 p/p
  • Updated Identity Check for Listed Candidates, Identity Check for Unlisted Candidates  | Identity Check on Client Sourced Candidates (2 to 3 day turn-around time): R 1000 p/p
  • Customized Contract of Employment: R 1200
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LocalCARE Services | Process

1. Register  | Market your Role

Complete this form selecting LocalCARE and providing us with your needs. Market your needs to our team. On receipt of proof of payment, we will recheck and provide a curated job description for your approval. Once approved, your job will be marketed and promoted for up to 3 months, until placed or up to a maximum of 10 profiles as follows;
  • Sent to our entire team in your city via WhatsApp Broadcasting
  • Sent to our entire team, nationally, bi weekly via our team newsletter or until registration expires or the role is placed
  • Posted to our websites job board /news section
  • Posted to our blog
  • Posted to our Instagram page and reposted weekly to our stories
  • Marketed across a number of external job sites
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2. Receive Applications

As candidates apply, whether listed pre-screened Sitters4U candidates, candidates referred by our team, or applying as external un screened candidates, will be micro screened in accordance with your needs, answering the following questions so that you only receive qualified applications for review, saving you time in having to establish this information and sift through applications:

  • Vetting Status
  • Age                     
  • Area of Residence
  • Gender        
  • Nationality                
  • Marital Status            
  • Languages
  • Religion
  • BBBEE Status            
  • Dependents     
  • Drivers License (if applicable)        
  • Vehicle (if applicable)        
  • Experience Overview (Highlighting relevant Experience)             
  • Qualifications    
  • First Aid Status (if applicable)    
  • Available From
  • Live In | Out (if applicable)    
  • Salary Requirement
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3. Purchase Contacts | Vetting Services

Given the application information listed in step 2 above, you can make a decision as to whether you would like to purchase any of the applying candidates direct contact information. Generally the average client will go through 3 to 5 CV's to find the person they are looking for.

Contacts may be purchased at the following rates:

Micro- screened Candidates

Sitters4U has processed over 100 000 applications since 2007. This has allowed us to set up a wide network of vetted high calibre candidates and simultaneously allows us to easily gauge external applications for new roles not only through this network and aforementioned platforms, but also through word of mouth of our vetted candidates who would otherwise be unaware of the role. You can then make the decision to either contact and vett them yourself, or to request an identity background check and complete the rest of the vetting yourself, or to request full vetting by Sitters4U.

Listed (Pre-Screened | Pre-Vetted) Candidates

Listed (Pre-Vetted) candidates are those that have been document checked, interviewed, and reference checked, by Sitters4U, to meet your criteria prior to your contacting us. Our listed and vetted candidates have already been through a criminal clearance check, ID check, driver’s license check, ITC check, completed a thorough application process related to the types of roles they are applying for, which if you are receiving their CV includes your needs, been through a thorough interviewing process, normally taking 1 to 2 hours per candidates and who have then been thoroughly reference checked at the time of approval and listing with us.

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Identity Checks

An  Identity check may be purchased at R 1000 per check (2 -3 working day turnaround from date of candidate submitting finger prints), and may be purchased for a privately sourced candidate you would like vetted for you including;

  • Criminal Clearance Check
  • ID Check
  • Drivers License Check (where applicable)
  • ITC check

Full Vetting of External Candidates

Clients may request professional full vetting of unscreened, external or independently sourced candidates. Full vetting of candidates includes:

•    Identity Check (Quick turnaround of 2 to 3 working days) including;

  • Criminal Clearance Check
  • ID Check
  • Driver’s License Check (where applicable)
  • ITC check

•    Professional Interview including;

  • Personal history review - relevent to position to be filled
  • Personality testing
  • Experience review
  • Gap checking (gaps in experience may indicate ‘hidden’ experiences)
  • Educational review

•    Personal Reference Checks:

  • We personally call references following a professional line of questions which highlights suitability of a particular candidate.
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4. Interview

Make contact with the candidates you have selected, set up interviews with them, meet, greet, and follow this guide where candidates have not been prevetted to interview them. When interviewing micro vetted candidates who you have opted not to do a full vetting on, it is advised to additionally insure to contact all references they have provided.

Keep in mind that, with listed, and vetted candidates we have done the hard work of thoroughly document checking, interviewing, and reference checking the candidates for you.

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5.Purchase a Contract of Employment

Once you have decided on a candidate make them an offer. If they accept, don’t forget to stay within the bounds of the law and insure that you have a contract in place.

We will provide a personalised contract, providing the offer is a legal and complies with the BCEA, LRA and EEA, learn more about these 3 important pieces of legislation here, including specialised disciplinary structures specifically designed and catering to the unique employment relationship for home based employers and employees.

Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

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