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How to apply for listing as a childcare professional, educator or administrative support provider with Sitters4U


Thanks for your interest in joining the Sitters4U Team!

Sitters4U offers placement of the following professional Service Providers:

EventCARE Team

FilmCARE Team

*Please note, while all pre vetted staff available for our bespoke SwiftCARE clients require a vehicle (save our online teachers and tutors), under our LocalCARE service range, we are happy to refer applicants who meet the criteria as described at the above links but who do not have their own vehicle for families that do not have this requirement. This is at client request only.

We offer 2 types of application processes; full vetting applications and short applications.

Full Vetting Applications

  • Full Vetting Applications are for those Service Providers that meet and exceed our minimum requirements and would like to be able to apply for our high end recruitment based short term roles, on-demand jobs, EventCARE and FilmCARE jobs.
  • Please note all applicants require a vehicle and valid driving license, all documents and document checks, to apply.
  • Full vetting applications attract a R 500 general application fee and an additional R 200 is charged per area of expertise to be covered in application.

Short Applications

  • Short Application Service Providers still need to meet our minimum requirements for listing as specified at this link except that you do not need a vehicle to apply, *those with a vehicle may also apply under short application if they prefer to wait for a client to sponsor their full vetting.
  • Short Applications are for those who would prefer to apply for LocalCARE roles and/or would like to apply for jobs and await sponsorship for vetting or deal directly with clients.
  • Once you have completed a short application, you will start receiving job notices, whenever you apply for an advertised job, we will send you a link to check that all of the details are correct and most applicable to the role that you are applying for. If a client is happy with your short profiling, they can then choose to purchase your contact details, else request an ID check, or a full vetting including ID check, interview and reference checking. If you meet our requirements, including the requirement for a vehicle, and your full vetting is sponsored by a client in the future, we will provide you with a full listing and you will be able to apply for SwiftCARE, EventCARE and FilmCARE roles. 

Full Listing - Vetting Application Process

WhatsApp your name, surname, area and roles you are qualified to apply for to +27 74 656 0469. You will be added to a Whatsapp broadcast group for your area. 
Please Note: If you do not save the number, you will not receive the broadcasts!

Click here to complete a full vetting application


  • A fee of R 500 will be charged for the processing of your application and an additional R 200 is charged per area of expertise you wish to be listed for. This fee will be invoiced during completion of the full application form.
  • This is not a listing fee and does not guarantee you listing or placement. It simply covers our time in processing your application. Whether you are listed or not, will depend on your application/document checks and references etc.

Short Application Process - No Listing | Vetting

WhatsApp your name, surname, area and roles you are qualified to apply for to +27 74 656 0469. You will be added to a Whatsapp broadcast group for your area. *Please Note: All of our in-person roles require a vehicle.

Click here to complete a short application

NOTICE: 21 January 2022

Fundamental Changes to Sitters4U's Private FamilyCARE Placement Services

*Please note, EventCARE and FilmCARE will continue to operate as they have in the past and growth is anticipated in both sets of needs in the coming year.

Since March 2020, following the collapse of both the entertainment industry and the Private Placement sector, with salary offers from private families matching those last seen in 2007, we have had one of the toughest periods in our history and watched both our team members and family clients endure the same. Covid has seen significant reductions and pressures on family budgets.

Since 2007 until 21 January 2021 Sitters4U has strictly placed candidates meeting our minimum requirements as specified here for full service placement services . This has included the requirement for a vehicle and full listing or vetting in order to apply for all roles except online teaching staff. It has left many qualified nursing staff, professional childcare and educational staff without a vehicle and without access to work. Additionally, the pricing system we employed included recommendations of fully vetted staff, vetted at mainly agency cost with a small contribution for the candidates. This is an unsustainable process in the post-covid environment for many candidates.

In order to open family access to staff who are professionals by quantification of their education and experience, but who may not currently have a vehicle or driving license, and to remove any onus on our team regarding processing of candidates applications, Sitters4U is launching 2 new service processes and discarding a few of our previously provided services.

Sitters4U now offers 2 ranges of services, namely, LocalCARE which offers compartmentalized purchase of placement processing functions to suit local families budgets for mid to long term placement needs including long term babysitting services. Allowing clients to structure their own packages and directly employ staff at a processing level suitable to their budgeting.

For international clients, holiday clients, hotels, and corporate clients or those in need of swift turn around time on short term roles requiring 24 hours up to 180 days service, we will still offer end to end, recommendation based professional recruitment services under SwiftCARE.

We hope these fundamental changes to value based fee structures for local families offer and will be welcomed as beneficial both for local families and staff.

For applicants wishing to apply for long term roles, those who have not yet been through our full vetting process, would prefer to wait for application sponsorship and those who do not meet minimum requirements for professional listing on our database, completing our quick apply form will be free. Candidates will not need to go through a full vetting process to have their short profile presented to our local long term clients. Whether you have a vehicle or not. Full vetting can then be funded/sponsored by clients who would like vetting done, else clients will purchase contact details at a discounted rate, if your profile is un-vetted.

For those who would like to sponsor their own applications in order to pick up SwiftCARE high-end short-term roles, adhoc roles, EventCARE and FilmCARE roles, and would like to apply for full vetting and listing (which is required for our SwiftCARE) at a reasonable application rate will apply. Please note only staff, who meet our professional requirements may be approved for full listing and SwiftCARE roles.

Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

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