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How to Sterilize baby bottles

How to Sterilize baby bottles

If you are caring for an infant or toddler that uses bottles you need to always ensure the bottles are thoroughly sterilized. Sterilizing a bottles prevents illness. You need to clean the baby bottles after every feed. This will kill the bacteria which grows from old milk.

Using a bottle brush, clean the inside of the bottles thoroughly in warn soapy water, use a smaller ‘teat; brush for the teats. You then sterilize the bottle and teats. There are a number of methods available to achieve this:

  • Boiling water kills bacteria. Place the bottles and teats in a pot of boiling water for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Steam sterilizers are now available where either they are a separate unit such as an electric sterilizer or a microwave sterilizing unit. Follow the provided instructions carefully when using these products, or you could end up with melted teats on your hands.
  • Sterilizing fluids and tablets. These sterilizers are readily available. This is a cold sterilisation method. The equipment is placed in a large container with the product being used and is usually left for around 30 minutes to an hour dependant on the products instructions.


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