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House sitters in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria - Sitters4U House sitting services.

House Sitting Services

What is a House Sitter?

A house sitter is a person who is hired to care for your home, your garden and beloved pets in your absence. They can manage your house staff and their presence acts as an added deterrent and safeguard for your property, offering you peace of mind while you are away from your property.

Our house sitters care for your home and pets with people they can really trust and rely on.

With Sitters4U, your house sitter may have any of the following duties whilst you are away:

  • May live in or out of your home.
  • May care for your pets.
  • May care for your garden.
  • Maintain your pool.
  • Ensure through his/her presence that your home and possessions are safe.

When you are away from home there is nothing more disturbing than not knowing what’s going on at home or leaving your pets in a cage while you are away. Our house sitters will put your mind at ease.

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What are our Requirements for House Sitters

We like to look at applicants as a whole, relying not just on their experience but who they are as people. In order for an applicant to be listed as a house sitter with Sitters4U, they need to fulfil a very strict mandate.

We check for the following before selecting candidates as house sitters:

  • We check their employment history and references.
  • We check that they have a valid driver's license and their own vehicle.
  • They must be a secondary school graduate (high school) , most have a tertiary education.
  • We check for proof of residence, Id and criminal record.
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The process to hire a House Sitter

  1. Click  and read through and agree to all terms and conditions (there is no cost involved in doing this) by using your electronic signature, clicking on the “ I agree” button.
  2. You can either choose staff from the website yourself or after careful consideration of your needs and life style we can send you a short list of House Sitters that would best suit you and you can choose from these to interview.
  3. Once you have decided who you would like to hire from the staff interviewed you have interviewed. We will confirm your booking via email.
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Agency Fee: R 500 for registration to cover sourcing and management fee

Placement Fee: R 1000 minimum or 30% of total earned by the candidate over the total period worked. 

Booking Rates:

Night time house sitting only (includes a max 12 hour stay overnight):

  • No pets: R 350 per night
  • With 1 pet: R 400 per night
  • Add R 50 per extra pet per night
24 hour house sitting: 
  • No pets: R 400 per day
  • 1 pet: R 500 per day
  • Add R 100 per extra pet per day
Key Collection and Drop Off: R 150 per trip

Please note our fees are market related bearing in mind that kennel costs range from R 250 per pet upwards.

Discounted rate are offered for long term bookings exceeding 15 days.

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