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Home Schooling Facilitators

What is a Home Schooling Facilitator?

If you have investigated home schooling options, and have children in Gr.9 or below, you have probably noticed that online ‘schools’ or curriculum suppliers, like Clonard or Impaq which provides lesson planning and perhaps some lesson based support require an ‘in-person’ supervisor capable of delivering the content as directed by their lesson plans. This can be a parent, guardian, a home schooling teacher or home schooling facilitator. When opting to teach from home, there are a number of responsibilities that need to be attended to for children up to Gr. 9.

These include:
    •    Planning, preparing  lessons.
    •    Delivering lessons
    •    Lesson Planning in line with the selected curriculum requirements
    •    Marking
    •    Setting of ‘extra work’ (homework)
    •    Setting Tests
    •    Setting Projects and Assignments
    •    Creating and Delivering Assessments
    •    Design educational activities that promote physical, social and intellectual growth of students.
    •    Planning outings related to current learning objectives

Home schooling teachers will be able to deliver all of these services and spends a fair amount of time outside of curriculum delivery hours fulfilling all the other responsibilities listed,  however for many this option is not often affordable. If you’d like a more personalised option which is somewhat more affordable and are registered to an online curriculum supplier, you need a home schooling facilitator. A home schooling facilitator is generally, still a qualified teacher, although they may not have specialized in your child’s phase. They have the teaching skills required to deliver the lesson plans provided by the curriculum supplier but can redesign these to your child’s learning needs. They may assist in uploading work, communicating with the supplier, pre checking children’s work before uploading, etc. They can personalize the lesson plans provided by your selected curriculum supplier. As the supplier fulfils most of the responsibilities beyond actual class delivery, this takes a massive responsibility off the shoulders of the home schooling facilitator, freeing up the rest of their day after teaching your children to secure other income streams, au pairing or tutoring, bringing down the salary required generally by these candidates when compared to a home schooling teacher due to the reduced after hours commitment.

For children in FET phase (Gr. 10 - Gr. 12) please refer to tutoring as home schooling facilitators are only available for children up to and including Gr. 9 due to the required level of specialisation needed to deliver subjects in this phase. Sitters4U provides both one on one and groups classes for up to 5 children with a home-schooling facilitator. These are groups of children in the same  grade or phase, registered to the same curriculum supplier. The parents of the children in the class can decide at whose home to host groups and classes can include up to a maximum of 5 children as per department guidelines. This makes the option of home-schooling far more affordable. With a class of 5 children, rates per child can go to as low as R 4000 to R 5000 per child per month.

For those parents simply looking for additional support, for an unqualified person (for example a nanny) following an online curriculum but having trouble delivering the content of the course to the children under their wing, an online facilitator may be just the solution you need.

An online facilitator can work with this person and provide directions for them to deliver the content to the child. For children in Reception to Foundation phase (Gr.000 - Gr.3) with a provided curriculum, please note that a live carer, guardian or parent is required to communicate and follow the online facilitators instructions and falls under our 'Facilitating the Facilitator' service which you can find out more about by clicking here. Wonderful for those parents with a home based domestic nanny, who is capable of following instruction from an online facilitator. *If you are not registered through a curriculum provider though, an online or in-person home schooling teacher should be contracted for Gr. 1 - Gr. 3 students.

Lastly if you are interested in finding out about our homeschooling facilitator groups in your area for 2021/2022 or you know of other parents with similarly aged children in the same grade or phase as your child, following the same curriculum provider, that would like to form a homeschooling group, join our homeschooling registration list to be alerted of other children being educated in a home environment in your area.

Please Note: Home Schooling facilitation is provided up to grade 9 only. For Grade 10 or higher, due to the specialised nature of subjects, specialized tutors should be contracted for each subject.

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Minimum Requirements for Home Schooling Facilitators

Our homeschooling facilitators subscribe to a rigid mandate, they are all experienced. They must have a degree in Education and/or other certified tertiary education related to the subjects they teach or be in the process of completing one. They have immaculate credentials and a genuine interest and passion for teaching.

Our Home Schooling Facilitators have:

  • Experience: Tutor and/or teaching and/or facilitation experience with contactable references other than friends or family.
  • Education: A minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university or are in the process of completing one.
  • Vehicles: Their own reliable child safe vehicle and a valid South African driving license.
  • Personality:We prefer working with candidates who are dedicated, organized, friendly, energetic, creative, patient, active and caring. All have a friendly, outgoing and caring personality, a passion and genuine interest in assisting their students to achieve the best results possible.
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What do Home Schooling Facilitators earn?

Rates are dependent on the experience and education level of the home schooling teacher and expertise required to delivered the chosen curriculum, the grade of the child requiring teaching, weather the curriculum is delivered by the teacher in full, including content planning and lesson delivery or by an online facility with the teacher assisting in content delivery, the school hours and time required off site to set up lessons, whether the child has any learning difficulties or disabilities and if traveling is required.

Rates range from R 7000 per month at Grade R level for 3 hours a day, to R 35 000 per month at Gr. 9 on IEB or Cambridge for a full school day.

For an accurate quotation please complete our quotation form here.

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How do we screen Home Schooling Facilitators?

  • Home Schooling facilitators are personally interviewed and skills assessed by a trained Sitters4U Recruiter.
  • Applying applicants submit copies of ID, drivers license, proof of address, first aid, tertiary certification and criminal clearance which are checked.
  • References are checked by a Sitters4U recruiter or representative.
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What are the Duties of a Home Schooling Facilitator?

Specific duties and responsibilities may vary and include many of the duties of tutors , but there are several core tasks associated with home schooling facilitation which include;
  • Home schooling facilitators are responsible for reviewing provided lesson planning and adapting to these to your child's learning preferences, developing consumable educational content for home school age children. They then deliver the content required to meet the curriculum providers required outcomes. They carry out daily lesson plans by following the curriculum guidelines and provided/adjusted lesson plans
  • Whether teaching one student or an entire group, home schooling facilitators practice classroom management techniques to create a positive and effective classroom environment.
  • A home school facilitator is able to meet students’ individual needs and assist with differentiated learning strengths and preferences.
  • Excellent home school facilitators institute routines, rituals, and celebrations that create a healthy learning atmosphere and boost student independence.
  • Home school facilitators conduct student testing and assessments according to the standards mandated by the selected curriculum provider.
  • When needed, home schooling facilitators conduct formal or informal assessments of student progress using checklists, rubrics, testing tools, and student work. They document testing results and use them to adjust student learning as needed.
  • Home schooling facilitators may be responsible for submitting work online to the curriculum provider.
  • Successful home school facilitators learn multiple teaching strategies to accommodate diverse student needs and learning styles.
  • Home school facilitators often help organize and attend activities that support their home school students. They encourage community relations, involve themselves with the families they teach, and create a warm, nurturing atmosphere for positive learning.

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