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Corporate Events

Public | Corporate | Sponsored Event Child CARE

At Sitters4U we love working with corporate, public and sponsored event clients who value family as an important segment for their brand. Include turnkey children's entertainment programs with Sitters4U. Motivate participants and entertain your guests, create positive memorable experiences that attendees will love and cherish for a lifetime. From research to planning to management, we have all the bases covered.

Research shows that not only does providing child friendly entertainment for the whole family at events, increase attendance and enjoyment of the experience but it improves long term brand loyalty, increases future attendance numbers for annual and regular events and positively effects brand recognition and loyalty by up to 80%. Over the years we have catered to events catering from 10 to 4000 children for large multi day events to small events lasting a few hours.
Our childcare team consists of the same passionate, caring childcare and education support professionals we recruit for private family care placements with a proven track record as dedicated, friendly, energetic, creative, patient, active and nurturing carers. All of our staff have a minimum of level 1 first aid, are experienced to varying levels as required, educated, with mid level and seniors minders having their own vehicles. We additionally offer full event service management doing everything from providing event planning services, compliance consultation, event management, entertainers, and equipment hire.
For events expecting fewer than 50 children on site we encourage children to participate in social distancing aware yet interactive activities, additionally booking entertainment, equipment, decor, catering, planning and kids zone site management.
Sounds good? Let’s Play.

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Brands we have worked with:

  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • CellC
  • Argus Cycle Tour
  • Nickelodeon
  • Peppa Pig
  • Mushroom Productions
  • DSTV
  • Engen name but a few.
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Our Corporate | Sponsored Event CARE Services

Full care for the children onsite where only a few or no parents will be present.
Supervisory care where the parents will be responsible for the children, but supervision of the children is required.
Event Management
and Planning Services
We have years of experience and insights which can assist you in best catering to the needs of children and parents at your event
Catering, Equipment and Entertainment Hire  
Sourcing and quotation available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Our Event Childminding Team

Sitter4U places professional child care, student care and home management support staff. Our EventCARE team consists of these same carers, all personally screened for our clients peace of mind. With over 3000 professionals on our books we can cater to bookings requiring up to 100 staff in Cape Town and Gauteng. All of our staff have level 1 or higher first aid, are experienced, educated and professionally vetted. Click here to review the qualifications and experience details of our event care teams.

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Legal Considerations

The number of children to carers allowed at an event are regulated by the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 and Child Care Facilities By-law, 2015.

For events requiring partial supervision (Share Care), engaging the children in available activities and monitoring only (with parents present and childminders fulfilling a supervisory role only), where the number of children expected is unknown, we will cater on an activity station basis, a minimum of 2 staff is advised for smaller entertainment equipment, 3 for larger.

As stipulated in the Act,
(a) Children must be separated into the following age categories in separate rooms or physically separated sections or places:

  • Children under the age of 18 months;

  • Children between the ages of 18 and 36 months;

  • Children between the ages of three and four years; and

  • Children between the ages of four and six years

(b) Where a partial care facility provides after care facilities to children of school going age, these children must be kept separate from the children in the above mentioned age groups.

(c) Where more than 50 children are enrolled for a full day or partial care facility, there must be a separate room or place to be used as an office and as a sickbay.

Childminding Ratios Required

As per legal requirements, we provide up to 100 staff for events, at a ratio of:

If parents will be present:

  • 1 candidate: 20 children over 6 years old or activity based
  • 1 candidate: 10 children under 6 years old or activity based
If parents will not be present:
  • 1 childminder: up to 10 children, over the age of 6 years old
  • 1 childminder: up to 6 children, aged between 4 and 6 years old
  • 1 childminder: up to 4 children, aged between 3 and 4 years old
  • 1 childminder: up to 3 children, aged below 3 years old.
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When to use our EventCARE services:

  • Corporate family days
  • Year end functions
  • Conferences
  • Sports events
  • Music Festivals
  • Lost and Found kids areas at large functions or sports days
  • Play areas at functions
  • General monitoring throughout large events
  • With or without parental supervision.
  • Off event site entertainment
  • Family friendly events
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Fee structures vary depending on where the event will be based, the number and ages of children requiring care, the experience/education of the candidates to be contracted as well as whether or not the parents will be present and responsible for the children or if our EventCARE team will take on full responsibility for them.

Rates will always be quoted before we proceed, however all fees are based on the following structure.

Agency Booking Fee

  • 1 – 9 Sitters : R 450 per Candidate booked

  • 10 to 14 staff: R 420 per Candidate booked

  • 15 to 20 staff: R 390 per Candidate booked

  • More than 20 staff: R 350 per Candidate booked

Childminder Fees

Under normal circumstances our ladies earn from R 120 to R 250 per hour (upwards depending on their experience and qualifications. If you require child care services at maximum child to candidate ratios, please expect a rate of between R 150 and R 250 per hour per candidate.

Onsite Management

  • If you need more than 5 staff onsite at your event, a manager must be booked to manage the team.
  • The rate per day for manager hire is R 2500 per day (9 hours max included in this fee, if more than 9 hours are required for a booking).

Planning, Equipment Hire and Event Management Services

Our planning and sourcing services include but are not limited to:

  • Virtual Consult: Get clear on the vision
  • Budget Allocation Analysis
  • Vision board
  • Compliance Consultation (when planning events for children there are many legal compliance requirements one needs to be aware of and comply with for liability purposes)
  • Floor planning
  • Event styling, which can include a sweet/cake table (if applicable)
  • Onsite event managers, childminders and access controller hire
  • Entertainer hire and management
  • Cake design, order and delivery
  • Furniture planning, hire, set up and breakdown
  • Age-appropriate quality play equipment hire
  • Logistics, setup and delivery
  • Party favour and/or gift bag design sourcing / assembly
  • Decor planning and hire
  • Entertainment scheduling
  • Coordination and ordering of event paper products including banners, backdrops, signage, favour tags, and etc.
  • Catering planning, booking and management
  • Venue sourcing
  • Vendor coordination and communication

Planning Packages:


  • Planning Service from R 20 000 excl. event cost
  • 250  or more children and/or 4 to 12 hours
  • R 50 000 - R 150 000+ per event day


  • Planning Service from R 15 000 excl. event cost
  • 50 - 249 Children and/or  4 to 12 hours service
  • R 35 000 - R 120 000+ per event day


  • Planning Service from R 10 000 excl. event cost
  • 25 - 49 Children and/or  4 to 9 hours service
  • R 20 000 - R 75 000+ per event day


  • Planning Service from R 5 000 excl. event cost
  • 24 Children  or less and/or 3 to 6 hours
  • R 10 000 - R 45 000+ per event day

Custom Hire

  • Custom Hire allows clients to build their own service package depending on their needs.
Please Note: Costs really do depend on the number of children, the ages of children (i.e. requiring age zones as per departmental requirements), the duration of the event and how 'big’ or small you'd like to go. Event rates may fall below the event cost quoted above, but this depends on what you'd like to offer at your event.

Booking Process

  • Step 1: Complete our quote request form by clicking here. When completing the form, you will book a free initial telephonic consultation which allows us to thoroughly understand your needs.
  • Step 2: During the initial telephonic consult, we will clarify your requirements.
  • Step 3: You will be provided with a proforma quote for service valid for 7 days from issue.
  • Step 4: Review the quotation, if you are happy to proceed with the booking an invoice will be sent for the planning fees due and sourcing/booking/finalisation of quoting, vision board,etc will commence following our virtual (or in the case of bookings requiring care of more than 250 children, onsite) consultation.
  • Step 5: Invoicing will be provided depending on services booked.
  • Step 6: Our team will arrive on site on your event day/days as booked.
Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

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