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Childcare services available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria

Child CARE

The need for professional child care services meeting international standards, and providing parents with peace of mind, anytime, were some of the motivating factors that started Sitters4U.

Since 2007, we have been building an incredible team of childcare professionals who have first aid, vehicles, are educated and experienced, have fantastic and personally checked references; are document, criminal clearance and ITC checked. Today, we cater to full time, part time, short term and long term child care needs across Cape Town and Gauteng.

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Infant Care Specialists

Looking for the equivalent of a UK based professional nanny?  Our infant care specialists are here to help. These candidates are mature, have a minimum of 3 or more years of relevant experience with infants and toddlers, have a tertiary level education related to infant care, their own vehicles, first aid, are eloquent, nurturing and patient.

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Night Nurses

Did you know the average parent loses a full year of sleep in the first 4 years of a child's life? Top that with the sleepless nights often associated with the last few months of pregnancy and it is no small wonder as to why parents, especially new parents really do need additional support during the night. While we support all new mommies and daddies with the assistance of infant care specialist candidates as night nurses, we do also provide qualified nursing staff to assist in the care of premature  and sickly babies and infants to toddlers who need round the clock monitoring.

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Professional Nannies | ECD Practitioners

Would you like to set your child ahead of the crowd and give them a head start in life? Assist your child to reach their developmental milestones while providing the best care available to them in the comfort of your home providing them with individually delivered and designed education from 18 months to Gr. R level?

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Au pairs

Unlike the international definition for an au pair, being that of a young person, usually on their gap year who would live in with a family abroad, an au pair in South Africa is generally a qualified and mature carer who works usually in the afternoons, doing the afternoon school run, taking the children to their activities, helping with homework, projects and exam preparation as well as meal or lunch box prep, etc. Let our au pair team assist your family, making family time fun time and taking the pressure off parents to get the through the daily routine.

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PA-Au pairs

Over the years, we have found that many of our au pair team have PA and administrative experience and educational backgrounds. Many in fact are Bcom candidates or have completed related degrees, and upon entering the job market, found that corporate was not for them. Many families also look for more mature candidates to act as au pairs, however mature staff  tend to prefer full day roles in order to create the income they need to support their own families. Most au pair roles however, tend to be half day and afternoon based making them an unattractive option to more mature staff. If you are looking for a mature half day au pair and  perhaps have administrative and home management duties that you need attended to, why not contract a PA-Au pair. They will perform Administrative and PA duties in the mornings and take care of the children's needs in the afternoons.

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Do you need care for more than 3 children across a wide range of age groups? Perhaps you and another family would like to share care? A governess has a minimum of 5 years of professional experience with a multitude of age groups, working with larger groups of children, and normally has a degree level education. These candidates will be more than capable of catering to your families needs.

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A Chaperone is a qualified and experienced  person, who will accompany and look after or supervise your children at the venue of your choice. We recommend chaperones based on the number and age of children vs their experience and education level required to handle the number of children requiring care. This service is available to our adhoc (babysitting clients) pay-as-you-go clients and club members .

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