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How to apply for listing as a childcare professional, educator or administrative support provider with Sitters4U


Thanks for your interest in joining the Sitters4U Team!

At Sitters4U we provide recruitment and placement of professional childcare, student services, home and administrative roles for either long term placements exceeding 3 months in duration, short term contracts (24 hours to 3 months) as well as on-demand contracts for childcare, film and events. Completing the following application form will allow you to apply for CustomCARE and PremiumCARE role applications ONLY. If a CustomCARE client then likes your profile, they may sponsor your full screening.

Alternatively if you would like the best chance of securing premium roles (roles offering  average salaries of R 10 000 per month salaries or higher (clients receive screened applications before unscreened options), short term and on-demand job opportunities, this requires full screening.

You can select the option to sponsor your own screening, in the relevant section of this form or await sponsorship from a client who would like to interview you to sponsor this. If sponsoring your own application, and your full screening application is approved, we will send you a link with an invoice, sending you to our full vetting application form and on receipt of completion we will arrange an interview date and time. Please note that we will only provide a screening option to candidates meeting or exceeding the criteria for the type of work applied for, based on the provided information, meaning that, if we are happy with your references and screening you will in all likelihood be approved to join the team.

These applications are by request and invite only; subject to receipt of the below initial application.




Home Managers, Personal Assistants, Chefs, and House | Pet Sitters


Manager, Entertainers, Entertainment Providers (To apply to provide quotes on events click here)


Childminders (Child wranglers), homeschooling teachers and tutors for long and short range film

Application Process and Pricing

WhatsApp your name, surname, area and roles you are qualified to apply for to +27 74 656 0469. You will be added to a WhatsApp broadcast group for your area.

  • Step 3: Complete this form.
  • Step 4: Apply for advertised CustomCARE roles or if you have applied for full vetting option we will be in touch on review of your application

If you are approved for full Screening,

Full Screening includes:

  • Review of Documents and checks
  • Comprehensive Interview for areas of specialisation. *Please note only 2 areas of specialisation are covered in first interviews, an additional interview will need to be made for up to an additional 4 areas of specialisation etc.
  • Interviews should be expected to last 90 minutes to 2 hours
  • Reference Checks


Once your profile is completed on confirmation of listing:

  • A Sitters4U profile will be created
  • Marketing of your job needs to our existing client base
  • Access to job opportunities that you are qualified to apply for as they become available.
  • Priority application: Pre-screened and approved staff will have their profiles sent to clients for consideration first.
  • Open application to short term and on-demand FamilyCARE roles including babysitting and

Full Screening Application Fees:

  • 2 Areas of Specialisation: R 500  (Childcare for all ages is included as 1 area courtesy of Sitters4U)
  • Additional Areas of Specialisation: R 150

Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

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