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Who Are We?

Since 2007 Sitters4U has provided recruitment and placement of professional childcare, educational, administrative and home management support services for private families, nationally and abroad, as well as childcare zone set up, planning, management and staffing of kids care zones for corporate events, family events, childcare zone staffing, playroom installations; and childminding services for the film industry for both long and short range films.

Having processed over 100 000 applications since 2007, facing rejection rates of an average of 92% due to the severe shortage in South Africa of skilled labor, we maintain an active database of professional staff across South Africa having approved around 8000 since inception and with a currently active database of over 3000 professionals nationally, we not only save our clients time, and resources but through stringent vetting processes, we ensure our clients peace of mind connecting them to the qualified, mature, skilled, experienced passionate, nurturing carers they are seeking.

Our Team

Looking for high-end full-time long-term staff to join your family support team? Feeling overwhelmed with the ocean of unqualified candidates? Not even sure what qualifies a person as a professional or no idea how to screen a candidate thoroughly to catch out the 30% that look good on paper but fail screening?

Not to worry, we have spent 16 years finding the best teachers and childcare professionals in South Africa so that you don’t have to sift though a hundred CV's to find a good match. Many of the 3000+ candidates on our books have been with us for years. If you have neither the time, and/or skills to screen or recruit the staff you need we are happy to assist.

Find out more about our team, their duties, our requirements and salary/rate averages by clicking the link to the service or service provider you are interested in below:


Infant Care Specialists, Night Nurses, ECD Facilitators, Professional Nannies, Au pairs, Governesses, PA-Au pairs, Chaperones, Domestic Nannies and Long Term Babysitters for Local Families.


Home Schooling Teachers, Home Schooling Facilitators (for children following an online curriculum), Tutors and Special Needs Facilitators


Personal Assistants (For Home or Office), Home Managers, Chefs and  House | Pet Sitters 


Event Managers, Childminders, Access Controllers and Entertainers


Childminders and Tutors for long and short range films

Family Services


SitSnapp: Once Off: Visiting Cape Town and need a babysitter once off or have a childcare emergency such as; the nanny hasn’t rocked up to work, or; your child is unwell? Click here to visit our sister website which caters to clients requiring less than a total of 24 hours service for the total duration of the bookings required in Cape Town, your best option for childcare bookings. Unfortunately, we only cater to contracts of 24 hours + over all bookings for Gauteng.

SitterCARE: Need babysitting services long term? Let us assist you find you a few matches. For Local families who need regular babysitters, we will source you up to 3 high caliber options to call on that are suitable to your family’s needs and will provide emergency backup service for up to 6 months if, given a weeks notice of bookings, if all 3 sourced candidates are unavailable (available in Cape town and Gauteng).

Short Term

TempCARE: Swift professional recommendation-based recruitment of pre-screened qualified applicants and role management services tailored for your FamilyCARE needs (child, student, home or administrative services) required for short term periods ranging from 24 hours to 3 months.

Long Term

CustomCARE: Select the recruitment services you need. Build your own service package, pay per service, pay per qualified referral, screen a candidate you have personally recruited off a site that does not do screening like GumTree or AupairSA, source options for your needs for lower budget and part time roles, purchase a contract of employment, and replacement policies. 

PremiumCARE: Our bespoke End-to-end professional recommendation-based recruitment and placement service  placement of qualified professionals with vehicles and tertiary level education tailored for your FamilyCARE needs (child, student, home or administrative services) required for long term periods ranging from 3 months onwards.

EventChildCARE Services

Types of Events we cater to:


Sitters4U provides long range, short range and adhoc film childminders and child wranglers. To use the service;

For Staff:

Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

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