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Thingo Jewellery

Category: Shop / Jewellery

City: National

Tel: 0612709318




Launched by jewellery designer Zotha Cele-Mbuthweni, in 2020, Thingo jewellery is the realisation of a dream.

With an honors degree in jewellery design and manufacturing Zotha is not only working towards becoming a brand that is globally recognised but to ensure her brand is associated with producing quality products in a manner that is sustainable and aligns with her businesses core values. Creating masterpieces, as a young African women, she takes pride in the fact there simply aren't many African women in her industry and really aims to show through her work the quality she is able to produce, encouraging other young African women to follow in her stead.

Working from her studio in Glenwood, Durban, KZN, Zotha ensures that every piece that is handmade is just as special as the ones before and the ones to come. Thingo Jewellery aims to be a brand that reaches sophistication in each piece through staying and remaining true to African culture and traditions.

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  • Custom jewellery
  • Wedding bands
  • Handmade jewellery
  • Cultural pride jewellery

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