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Category: Shop / Decor

City: National

Tel: 079 617 1024

Website: http://www.mynumi.co.za

Email: jason@mynumi.co.za


Established in 2017, NUMI is a local baby and toddler brand, producing scandi inspired furniture, decor and toys started by local husband and wife team, Jason and Pienaar. We also love bringing to life custom ideas for some very creative and daring parents! We believe in quality without compromise. Our products offer modern, simple, elegant design.

Everything is simple, and easily assembled by a mom holding baby in one hand and an allen key in the other. Our designs are timeless, and we incorporate a lot of ergonomic research into our design, as well as ECD principles to ensure the kiddies benfit from all forms of stimulation, fine and gross motor skills etc.

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