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Maths Solutions

Category: Find / Tutors

City: Cape Town

Tel: 0844393725

Website: http://www.mathssolutions.co.za/

Email: cheryl.mathssolutions@gmail.com


Improve Your Maths Marks with Maths Solutions.

Success in maths depends on being able to practice effectively! Once a student falls behind, he or she struggles to keep up with classes and homework. Often such a student will eventually give up trying. The problem then escalates to the point were they are no longer able to help themselves, even if they were to try extremely hard. Consequently they fall further and further behind. They need someone who can guide them out of such a situation. Individual tuition is wonderful for getting students back on track quickly so that they can practice productively and effectively again.

Maths is a building block subject. Often a student misses out on a crucial or basic section, which results in them falling behind. With individual tuition, background issues that cannot be resolved in the classroom are easily dealt with.

Students may not feel comfortable asking questions in the classroom. With individual tuition its easy to ask questions, and the questions are answered immediately and specifically for the student, and backed up with notes and homework.

Students frequently fall behind with notes in the classroom. With individual tuition, notes can be individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, and homework is targeted at individual problem areas.

It’s important that students keep up to date with their maths course. Individual tuition can ensure that any doubts and questions that occur are effectively dealt with as they arise. As the student progresses, so does his/her self-esteem and confidence, and their consequent ability to achieve consistently good marks.

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