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Personal Details

Reference # 201-68205
Name Desirée
Nationality South African
Age 47
Gender Female
Marital Status Divorced
Languages English (1st), Afrikaans(2nd)


1.Do you have at least 1 years child care experience with contactable references?Yes
2.Do you have your own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round) and a valid South African driving license?Yes
3.Have you completed your Matric or Gr.12 equivalent?Yes
4.Do you hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate?
5.Is your criminal record clear (ie. no criminal record)?Yes
6.Are you in good health?Yes


Do you have a drivers license?Yes
If yes, do you have a vehicle?Yes
If yes, is your vehicle roadworthy?Yes
If yes, specify your transport (Specify year and model or public)2012 Geely LC Cross
Do you have seat belts all round?Yes
Have you ever been in an accident where you were driving and it was your fault?No
In what year did you obtain your driving license?1991


Secondary Education
Belfast High-1998
Tertiary Education

BA Degree ( Languages and Psychology) - Wits- 1993 (3 years)

Postgraduate Diploma in Theology MTh Clinical-Pastoral Care & Counselling- US -2000(1 year) 

MPhil Bible Interpretation- MA- US - 2006(1 year)

First aid TrainingNo


Reference 1:

Period and reason for leaving2002-2004. Mrs Gould returned to being at home with her children, and I went to study further.
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?3 children 2 girls, 1 boy I can´t remember their ages, but the girls were mid primary school, and the boy starting high school.
What were your duties?Fetch from school Make lunch Help with homework Transport for extra mural activities Supervise chores Spend relaxing time together or a fun activity

Areas & Availability


Southern Suburbs


Au Pair availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Babysitting availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Availability Questions

Full timeNegotiable
Part timeNegotiable


How many years of childcare experience do you currently have?Since 2015 I have au paired professionally. I have 13 ears experience raising my own children.
How did you get involved in child care and why are you interested au pairing/ babysitting?I am good at working with people and I needed flexible work. Children are comfortable with me, I enjoy watching them grow and learn, and I appreciate the flexibility of Au pairing.
What is the age of the youngest child you have cared for?Newborn
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?Bake, paint, read, write, garden, anything creative.
What do you like most about childcare and being part of a childs life?Watching them learn and grow. I am very interested in stimulating them to develop their character and self-confidence as well as their abilities.
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Things in which they can be creative and through which they can experience the world; like cooking, reading, walking, crafts, music, puzzles.
Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?Depending on the severity - I have a friend who is a nurse whom I can call. For more severe injury, I will take them to the Hospital emergency.
What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while caring for a child? How did you handle it?Supporting my son when he suffered from depression due to bullying at school - took him to a doctor and for counseling, and finally left the school and found a positive environment for him.
What is your approach to discipline?I believe in healthy boundaries. I am both very warm and willing to listen, and also firm and consistent in saying, No, to poor behaviour. Discipline must be age appropriate. When children know what you will and won´t allow they feel safe.

How would you handle:

A two year old having a tantrum?I will first stand and wait for them to calm down. I don´t feel pressure to make the people around me happy, so I focus on myself and the child. Once they are calmer, or even if not, I will pick the child up and reassure him/her but I won´t give them what they were throwing a tantrum about. I am very aware that mood is affected by feeling tired or hungry, so I won´t take a tired or hungry child out in the first place.
A 5 year old drawing on a wall?I will calmly and rationally explain why it´s not allowed. I will talk about other places to draw and supply paper or a coloring book. I will draw with them for awhile. Then I will warn what will happen if the behaviour is repeated eg. Losing a treat or TV time.
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?I will stop everything and focus on finding out why they don´t want to. I won´t pressure him/her as that will be counterproductive. I´m not intimidated by schools or teachers as I feel the child feeling emotionally safe is the most important thing. We can try later again to tackle the homework, or leave it until an adult has spoken to the teacher about the problem. I will emphasize that there is always a solution to problems, we just need to find it, and that an adult will help. I won´t beg, plead or manipulate.
Which age groups are you comfortable working with?I am flexible across age groups but I enjoy it when the children are able to interact verbally with me and get excited about learning. Each developmental stage has its joys and challenges so I want to connect with the child and enjoy the environment we are in.
Do you still work for any of your previous clients? Which ones?No. The children are grown now.
Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?Yes. A boy of 13 and a girl of 8 years.
Please tell us a bit more about how you would describe yourself?To me, respect is a guiding principle for how I treat myself and others. I don´t necessarily need to like everyone, or they me, but I do respect that we are both human and deserve courtesy and kindness as far as possible. Others describe me as warm and gentle, and I like being that way. I have a strong internal sense of self, however, and so will stand up for my values and convictions. I think I´m interesting as I am curious about many different things and I love to learn. I have a good sense of humour and I smile easily.
Can you cook? (give an example of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)Yes
BreakfastBacon and egg, an omelette, porridge
LunchSandwich-tuna, peas, mayo OR a salad with cheese, tomato, seeds, avo oil
DinnerBroccoli chicken and pasta, my son loves my cottage pie, my daughter loves my spaghetti and mince
SnackFruit, yoghurt, provita. I´m not against sweets and chocolate or fun food on the weekends.
Is there any type of food you feel uncomfortable cooking?No
How do you handle a crying baby?
Pick the baby up and reassure it and check for all the basic needs. Otherwise they are bored or lonely or getting sick. I will respond immediately.
What do you see as your primary responsibility to a child aged 0 to 2 years old?
Safety of the children and the environment.
Are you capable of looking after twins?
What activities would you engage in with a child aged 0 to 2 years old?
I would put bright coloured things with different textures for them to explore on the floor. Communication is very important. I would take them out for walks and introduce the world to them.
How would you handle a child aged 2 to 3 years old having a temper tantrum in a public place?
The most important is to give attention, to reassure the child, contain the emotion and go down to their level. If they keep on going I will remove them from the environment.
How do you feel potty training should be approached?With lots of rewards and encouragement and have a good routine. You teach them to tell you when they need to go. You follow their pace.
What role should outdoor play and interaction with other toddlers have in a child´s day?
I would want it to happen regularly. It has the function of developing social skills. You teach them that people are important in their world. Learn to be with people. It is satisfying to have a friend.
What indoor activities would you engage a child aged 2 to 3 years old?We could play with clay, drawing , painting, baking and musical games, dance and reading and make up imaginary stories.
What methods of limit setting or discipline do you find effective for children aged 3 to 5 years old?It would be time out or loosing a reward. Positive reinforcement. Explain what they did was wrong. Firm but loving. The tone of voice is important.
What television shows do you feel are appropriate for children aged 3 to 5 years old?How much television do you feel is appropriate for children aged 3 to 5 years old?Cartoons. I think they can get an hour of television a day.
Are you willing to supervise play time with other children in our home and/or take our child to outside activities which may or may not require your active participation? Yes. Play dates and sports are delightful.
Are you comfortable reviewing and assisting with my children’s homework?Yes I can help with languages but maths up until grade3.
Are you willing to supervise friends of our children who are invited to our home while you are in charge?
Are you happy with staying with the children at their extra-curricular activities?I am prepared to stay until they are finished.
What kind of outings would you organise for the children?I will take them to the beach, take them on hikes, take them to activities at the Waterfront, Imoff farm, outings to the park. Swimming in the pool. Going to the library.
What age appropriate activities would you do with the children aged 5 to 12 years old?
I would take them to the kitchen to help with cooking and baking. We can read, do puzzles and foster  the interests of the child. Outside we will kick a ball and do other sports.
Are you happy to prepack lunches for children?
Yes I believe in healthy and nutritious lunches.
Would you consider yourself to be organized and punctual?Yes. I also want people to respect my time and not be late.
Please tell us a bit more about your family?.My husband and I have been separated for three years after being married for over twenty years. He walked out. It has been a difficult time but the children and I have bonded more strongly and we are finding our way as a new family unit. I take my parenting responsibility seriously but I have a wild side too and regularly rough and tumble with the children. We love playing ´sandwich´ where they both climb on top of me and each other. God is an important part of our family and we talk to God everyday. We love living in Cape Town with our two sausage dogs and Riki, the parrot.

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