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Personal Details

Reference # 201-63581
Name Heather
Nationality South African
Age 26
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Languages English (1st), Afrikaans (2nd)


1.Do you have at least 1 years child care experience with contactable references?Yes
2.Do you have your own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round) and a valid South African driving license?Yes
3.Have you completed your Matric or Gr.12 equivalent?Yes
4.Do you hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate? No
5.Is your criminal record clear (ie. no criminal record)?Yes
6.Are you in good health?Yes


Do you have a drivers license?Yes
If yes, do you have a vehicle?Yes
If yes, is your vehicle roadworthy?Yes
If yes, specify your transport (Specify year and model or public)Toyota, Etios
Do you have seat belts all round?Yes
Have you ever been in an accident where you were driving and it was your fault?No
In what year did you obtain your driving license?2011


Secondary Education
Boksburgh High School -2011
Tertiary Education
Unisa - BEd in Early Childhood Education. Busy with degree (2nd year in 2016)
First aid Training?No


Reference 1:

Period and reason for leaving10 Months in 2012. The family relocated.
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?2 Boys. 13 and 8 years old.
What were your duties?School collection, preparing lunch and snacks, take to extra mural activities, assist with home work and school projects, and keeping them entertained.

Reference 2:

Period and reason for leavingPersonal family problem, 4 months, live-in.
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?Twins. 7 years. Boy and girl.
What were your duties?I was a live-in au pair with this family. I was responsible for waking the kids up, getting them ready for school, making breakfast and packing their lunches. Then I took them to school. While at school, I was responsible for cleaning their rooms, doing their laundry and packing their clothes away. I fetched them from school and assisted them with home work and took them to all their extra activities. I worked one Saturday per month and would take them on long bike rides and to the park. I also had to make sure they bathed every night. 

Reference 3:

Period and reason for leaving6 months. ( March- Sept.2014) Please contact me for reason for leaving.
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?2 Children. 12 and 10, both girls.
What were your duties?School collection, preparing lunch and snacks, taking to extra activities, assisting with home work and projects. I worked full day in the school holidays when I took them to movies or ice- skating etc.


Reference 4:

Period and reason for leaving1 Year (2015) I am relocating to Cape Town
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?7 year old girl.
What were your duties?School collection, preparing lunch and snacks, assisting with homework, providing extra stimulating activities relating to the work they were doing at school, extra physical activities at home, keeping her entertained with arts and crafts after homework was done, preparing dinner every Monday-Thursday, ensuring she had everything packed and arranged for school the next day (P.E clothes etc). I was responsible for all play dates and extra activities. I worked full day during the school holidays where I was responsible for getting her dressed for the day, pre-planning our day with arts and crafts, outings to the park and providing activities and worksheets to keep stimulating her reading and writing (language worksheets, maths worksheets/activities). On several occasions I had to stay over for a couple days if the parents went away on business and I was responsible for waking her up in the mornings, getting her ready for school, packing lunch, taking and fetching her from school, bathing and putting her to bed.


Areas & Availability


Atlantic Seaboard
Southern Suburbs
West Coast


Au Pair availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Babysitting availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Availability Questions

Full timeNegotiable
Part timeNegotiable


How many years of childcare experience do you currently have?4 years(Since 2012)
How did you get involved in child care and why are you interested au pairing/ babysitting?I initially started by helping out a family friend by looking after her boys, I then decided to go overseas and Au pair in America which was such an amazing opportunity, I loved it so much! Due to a family problem I had to leave the program and come back to South Africa. When I got back I was struggling to figure out what field of work I wanted to go into and being with children really sparked a drive within myself. I have just completed my 1st year towards becoming a professional teacher and I am beyond excited to carry on and finish my Degree.
What is the age of the youngest child you have cared for?6 years old under my supervision alone, in my CV I do explain that I did do my practical at a pre- school for 5 weeks where I got to observe as well as interact and watch children between the ages of 4 months old-6 years old.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?I really enjoy arts and crafts, I love finding something new to make or create.
What do you like most about childcare and being part of a childs life?Being able to watch a child grow knowing you played a role in their life. I absolutely loved being able to watch and help the 7 year old girl I looked after learn how to read and write, when I started with her she never knew how to read and write and is now able to read a book for her age group and construct her own sentences. Helping a child grow and reach their full potential in every way is so important and I´m glad I get to play a part in their life for that very reason.
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Taking them to the park, swimming with them, playing ball games, board games, card games etc. I try to limit t.v and iPad time as much as possible.
Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?Depending on how severe the situation is I would first try calm the child down and let them know that I´m there and I´m going to help, I would then call the parents to let them know what has happened and if the child has to be rushed to hospital I would take them as soon as possible.
What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while caring for a child? How did you handle it?When starting out in a new job it always takes time until the child fully trusts and confides in you, I´ve always managed to bond with the children I´ve looked after quite quickly. In the beginning of my last position it took quite a while for the little girl to fully trust me and listen to me, for me this was something difficult to try deal with and find a solution. I eventually sat down with her and we decided to come up with a ´reward system´ which would benefit her based on her behavior and attitude (she got to decide on her reward once it was ´earned´) this also allowed her to build more trust in me (if she delivered on her part then I would always deliver with the reward), the reward system fell away completely and she trusted in me completely. The beginning was a real challenge for me, we managed to get through that and find a solution that worked for us both. The rest of the year was easy sailing as she respected me and accepted that I was ´in charge´ and responsible for her but that could only be possible if we were worked as a team.
What is your approach to discipline?I always find out first how the family deals with discipline, a time-out system has always seemed to work with me and it´s something I´m comfortable with. I personally don´t feel it´s an aupair's responsibility to give a child a hiding.

How would you handle:

A two year old having a tantrum?I would tell them they are going to ´time-out´ and make them sit. I would not say anything more or antagonize the situation so they try calm down a lot quicker, time out won´t be more than about 3 minutes. I would try let them calm down first though.
A 5 year old drawing on a wall?Be stern about letting them know that they can´t draw on the wall, I would take whatever they used to draw on the wall. Again, I feel like time-out would be appropriate in this situation, I would make them sit for no more than about 4-5 minutes. Once time-out is done I would show them how we clean it and help them clean up.
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?I would advise the child to do a physical activity, they get to burn off steam and any frustrations they have before they have to do their homework, this way they also get to go outside and get some fresh air. I would then sit down with them and ask them to explain to me what they are struggling with.
Which age groups are you comfortable working with?3 years and older.
Do you still work for any of your previous clients? Which ones?I am still working for Adri until the end of January and then I will relocate to Cape Town.
Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?No
Please tell us a bit more about how you would describe yourself?I like to think of myself as a very bubbly person. I like to make things fun and interesting with everything that I do and the way in which I do it. I´m a hard worker and always try to go above and beyond with anything that I do. I always put work first and try help out in any way that I can. I believe that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, with that being said I have a lot of respect for others. I will always try find a solution to any problem I am faced with instead of avoiding it. I feel like I´m a very honest, loyal and reliable person. I try push myself to the best of my abilities and try have a positive impact on others around me. I believe that my mom and gran have taught me amazing values and morals that has helped to shape me into the person that I am today.
Can you cook? (give an example of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)Yes
BreakfastHam, cheese and tomato omelet
LunchToasted sandwiches, fruit salads, chicken/tuna/beef salads
DinnerChicken-ala-King, spaghetti and mince, sausage,mash and veggies
SnackCheese and crackers, chopped fruit
Is there any type of food you feel uncomfortable cooking?No
Please tell us a bit more about your family?.I am an only child but I´m fortunate enough to have a big family. Family is important for us all and that´s why we always strive to stay in touch and visit one another regularly. I was raised by my mom and gran and I would not change a single thing about my upbringing. My mom has taught me to be very independent, she is supportive in everything that I do. My mom has never undermined anything I have ever done or tried to do. My gran has also always taught me to believe in myself and never be scared of trying something new and different. I am so grateful to have such amazing women raise me.I feel as though they are always teaching me something new about myself and always guiding me in the right direction without ´pushing me´. My mom follows a career in finance and back in the days my gran was a librarian.

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