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Personal Details

Reference # 201-4307
Name Jessica
Nationality South African
Age 34
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Languages English(1st), Basic Afrikaans(understand)


1.Do you have at least 1 years child care experience with contactable references?Yes
2.Do you have your own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round) and a valid South African driving license?Yes
3.Have you completed your Matric or Gr.12 equivalent?Yes
4.Do you hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate?Yes
5.Is your criminal record clear(ie. no criminal record)?Yes
6.Are you in good health?Yes
7.Do you have a friendly, outgoing, caring and patient personality?Yes
8.Are you relatively active and enjoy being outdoors?Yes
9.Do you love being around children and enjoy doing creative activities with them?Yes


Do you have a drivers license?Yes
If yes, do you have a vehicle?Yes
If yes, is your vehicle roadworthy?Yes
If yes, specify your transport (Specify year and model or public)Chevrolet Spark, 2014
Do you have seat belts all round?Yes, Seat belts all round and all working 
Have you ever been in an accident where you were driving and it was your fault?No
If yes please describe the accident and when it happenedNo
How long have you been driving for?I have been driving since 2003


Secondary Education

Oakhill School, Knysna - 2003 (Matric Exemption)

Tertiary Education

Currently in my Honors year BA Fine Art at UCT

In my third year at Stellenbosch University, studying a BA Social Dynamics

First aid TrainingNo
Other trainingDive Master, UCT Tennis development program.


Reference 1:

Period and reason for leavingSince 2008 - current. Michelle runs the organisation herself and I organise the volunteers
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?Ranges between 10 and 25 children per group. Mostly primary school children ages vary from 7 - 16 years old  
What were your duties?I manage the UCT side of things. I organise it,following up with volunteers. I will go to the schools and set up the equipment and give the lesson. 

Reference 2:

Period and reason for leavingMarch 2009 - Current
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?3 Boys, 16, 16, 17
What were your duties?Picking them up from school Monday - Thursday and dropping them off at home again. 

Reference 3:

Period and reason for leavingJanuary 2008 for a couple of months. Occasional babysitting
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?Just over one years old. Little boy
What were your duties?When I got there, James and Hanna would put the baby to sleep already. I would make sure that he was safe and check up on him constantly. 

Areas & Availability


Southern Suburbs


Au Pair availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Babysitting availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Availability Questions

Salary expectations

Full timeNegotiable
Part timeNegotiable


How did you get involved in child care and why are you interested Au pairing/ babysitting?Have always done baby sitting in my school holidays and when I went on my gap year after school to England it was a good way to make money and to not have to pay rent; I was in live in position for 4 months.
What is the age of the youngest child you have cared for?The youngest child I have cared for was 4 years old.
What activities are you involved in?I started and now run the UCT tennis development program where volunteer student coaches coach at various government schools in the CBD everyday. Have been involved with the tennis club for 4 years playing league tennis. When I return to my home in Knysna for the varsity holidays I work in a high end florist and really love it.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?I love swimming, diving (am a PADI dive master), traveling, horse riding (grew up on a farm with 3 horses), reading, decor and design, dinner parties, hiking, beach walks and days eating good food in the sun.
What are your interests?Being environmentally friendly and eco conscious. I am very interested in South African crafts, decor and design.
What do you like most about childcare and being part of a child's life?Honestly.As far as jobs go for students wanting to make some extra money ( I am trying to pay for my final year art exhibition) Au pairing is probably the job that offers the most amount of enjoyment. I find it challenging to think of activities that the children will enjoy, chatting to them about their interests and getting to know them. Its also very special when I child you look after starts to really respect you and look forward to you arriving each day. I enjoy being their friend, and the good relationship you build with them.
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Anything outdoor. Crafty type activities. I enjoy swimming with them and playing outside with them.
Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?I don´t think you can really say exactly what you would do but I guess I would try and stay as calm as possible so as not to frighten the child or children and increase their anxiety. I would reassure the child in my care and then contact or go to the nearest hospital/police station etc.
What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while caring for a child? How did you handle it?I looked after a 11 year old girl who suffered from cerebral palsy and was confined to a wheel chair for a few weeks while her parents were in Knysna on holiday. It was definitely a challenging experience but the most rewarding job I have had and I valued my own ability so much more after spending time with her.
What is your approach to discipline?Obviously every situation and child is different and I would definitely chat to the parents and find out how they would want me to handle their child if he/she was misbehaving. I am a pretty calm person and not easy to loose my temper so I think I would most likely try and reason with the child. I would follow what the parents want.

How would you handle:

A two year old having a tantrum? Remove the child from the situation that has caused the tantrum and distract him/her with another activity/toy etc.
A 5 year old drawing on a wall?Explain why and then offer and much more exciting activity, and then clean it up together.
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?Ask why he/she doesn't want to do the homework, offer my help or an explanation if something isn't understood. I would then maybe encourage the child to get it done so we can do something more fun..
Which age groups are you comfortable working with?I think not babies as I haven´t had any experience.I would be comfortable with the ages from 5 years old and up
Do you still work for any of your previous clients? Which ones?Yes
Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?No
Please tell us a bit more about how you would describe yourself?I am interesting and enthusiastic, responsible and caring. Diligent when it comes to work and tidy and neat when it comes to my house. I can handle any situation and can follow through with anything which is given to me.
Can you cook? (give an example of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)Yes
BreakfastCereal or scrambled egg on toast or fruit.
LunchFilled wraps or pita bread, sandwiches
DinnerSpaghetti, lasagna, curry´s anything
SnackFruit, yogurt, crackers, raw veggies and dips
Is there any type of food you feel uncomfortable cooking?No
Please tell us a bit more about your family? Eg. Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they? What do your parents do?Are your parents still married? etc.I have one sister who is 2 years younger than me. She graduates from UCT this year with a marketing degree. My parents have been married for 17 years. They work together managing executive holiday homes in Knysna for clients who live in JHB and overseas.

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