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Personal Details

Reference # 201-42081
Name Yalene
Nationality South Africa
Age 35
Gender Female
Marital Status Single
Languages English (1st)


1.Do you have at least 1 years child care experience with contactable references?Yes
2.Do you have your own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round) and a valid South African driving license?Yes
4.Do you hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate?
5.Is your criminal record clear (ie. no criminal record)?Yes
6.Are you in good health?Yes


Do you have a drivers license?Yes
If yes, do you have a vehicle?Yes
If yes, is your vehicle roadworthy?Yes
 If yes, specify your transport (Specify year and model or public)Hyandai i10
Do you have seat belts all round?Yes, as well as 2 booster seats
Have you ever been in an accident where you were driving and it was your fault?No
In what year did you obtain your driving license?2006


What is your highest education level
I completed a ECD
First aid TrainingYes, it will expire in October 2016


Reference 1:

Period and reason for leaving January 2016 - Present
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started? 2 children aged 7 and 10 years old when I started
What were your duties? Au pairing in the afternoons.Fetching the children from school, taking to extra murals and take them home to do homework together.

Reference 2:

Period and reason for leaving November 2015 - present
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started?1 girl, from age 4 months, 1 son-  aged 2 years
What were your duties?I assist 5 days a week in the morning. Looking after the baby, putting her to sleep, take her to moms and tots, and doing simple activities.

Reference 3:

Period and reason for leaving October 2015 - present
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started? 1 girl age 10 years old
What were your duties? lifting to home after school, lift only, Monday to Friday

Reference 4:

Period and reason for leaving January 2015 - present
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started? A girl age 2years old, a boy age 4 years old and another girl age 4 years old.
What were your duties?Just lifting at 17h30 from school to home.

Reference 5:

Period and reason for leaving April 2014 - Dec 2014, the baby went to school
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started? 1 girl age 10 months.
What were your duties?This was a morning role. Doing activities at home, looking after all the child's needs and doing grocery shopping once a week.

Reference 6:

Period and reason for leaving Feb 2013 - Dec 2013. I wasn't happy. I wanted something different and hence I went into au pairing.
Number of children,age and gender of the children when you started? 18 - 24 months (10 children at a time on average), and then I moved to infant care, I assisted looking after 20 infants aged from new born to 12 months old. 
What were your duties? 
•    Full time teacher / assistant (8am to 5:30pm)
•    Teach children through the day conduct all activities
•    Sung and played with the babies and children
•    Develop fine motor and gross motor co-ordination
•    Conducts play area supervision and guides students into safe play activities
•    Supervise during nap time
•    Assisted with feeding time of babies
•    Changed babies clothing and nappies
•    Participated in all staff meetings during the year
•    Participated in training
•    Prepare weekly activities

Areas & Availability


Johannesburg Sandton


Au Pair availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Babysitting availability:

Availability Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

Availability Questions

Full time8000+
Part time5500+


How many years of childcare experience do you currently have?+9 years
How did you get involved in child care and why are you interested au pairing/ babysitting?I went to study it and I became interested in au pairing and babysitting as I enjoy working with and helping children and their families
What is the age of the youngest child you have cared for?A baby of 4 months for a year.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?I walk in my spare time and scrap book on occasion.
What do you like most about childcare and being part of a childs life?I enjoy teaching them new things and making them happy.
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Baking, painting, messy play, colouring in and playing outside.
Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?Call the parents and the ambulance depending on the severity. Perform first aid where necessary.
What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while caring for a child? How did you handle it?None thus far.
What is your approach to discipline?Star charts help and a naughty corner or thinking chair can be used.

How would you handle:

A two year old having a tantrum?Walk away and wait for them to settle down so I can talk to them.
A 5 year old drawing on a wall?Take the crayon away and explain that they cannot draw on the wall and they should draw on paper.
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?I could take something away from them that they enjoy doing until their homework is done.
Which age groups are you comfortable working with?18 months to 6 years old
Do you still work for any of your previous clients? Which ones?Not currently as some relocated and others were some smaller jobs.
Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?None.
Please tell us a bit more about how you would describe yourself?I am a caring and loving person who is very easy going and loves to be around to help children and other people.
Can you cook? (give an example of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)Yes
BreakfastEgg, toast, cereal, yoghurt
LunchFish fingers, chips, pies, mash, toasted sandwich, soup
DinnerSimilar to lunch with some other protein and veggies
SnackFruit, sandwich, yoghurt, popcorn, biscuits, juice
Is there any type of food you feel uncomfortable cooking?Pork, bacon, beef, lamb.
How do you handle a crying baby? I would pick the infant up, I would rock the child, and assess why the child is crying.
 What do you see as your primary responsibility to a child aged 0 to 2 years old? Their safety, nourishment and insuring they are happy.
 What activities would you engage in with a child aged 0 to 2 years old? I would take a milk container, and teach them to post, make rattles with them, teach them too roll, etc. Basically exercises which assist in fine and gross motor control.
 Have you ever had to sterilise bottles before? Yes, I worked at Optibaby so this was part of my standard duties.
 Can you prepare meals for infants?
 Have you ever bathed an infant before? No, not yet.
 Are you capable of looking after twins? Yes.
 Have you ever had to care for more than 1 child at a time under the age of 2? Yes
 How do you feel potty training should be approached? I used to take the 2 year olds regularly to the toilet, every 30 mins to an hour.
 hat types of educational activities would you engage a child ages 2 to 3 years old? Finger painting, glueing, sponging, making butterflies, play ball etc.
 What methods of limit setting or discipline do you find effective for children aged 3 to 5 years old?I use a 'magic' chair for about 2 minutes. I would tell them what they did wrong, and afterwards take them to the person they hurt to apologise. 
What television shows do you feel are appropriate for children aged 3 to 5 years old? Barney, cinderella, disney movies etc. 
 Are you willing to supervise play time with other children in our home and/or take our child to outside activities which may or may not require your active participation? 
Please tell us a bit more about your family?.My mom is a group leader at weigh-less. My father has his own company where they sew and tailor lady´s uniforms such as skirts. My brother is my twin and he work as a manager for a Bidvest company. I have two small dogs which I love dearly. My parents and I live in a comfortable house in Gallor Manor.

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