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Personal Details

Reference # 201-3533
Name Erika
Nationality South African
Age 34
Gender Female
Marital Status Married
Languages Afrikaans & English


1. Do you have at least 1 years child care experience with contactable references?Yes
2. Do you have your own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round) and a valid South African driving license?Yes
3. Have you completed your Matric or Gr.12 equivalent?Yes
4. Do you hold a valid First Aid/CPR Certificate?
5. Is your criminal record clear(ie. no criminal record)?Yes
6. Are you in good health?Yes
7. Do you have a friendly, outgoing, caring and patient personality?Yes
8. Are you relatively active and enjoy being outdoors?Yes
9. Do you love being around children and enjoy doing creative activities with them?Yes


Do you have a drivers license?Yes 
If yes, do you have a vehicle?Yes
If yes, is your vehicle roadworthy?Yes
If yes, specify your transport (Specify year and model or public)

VW Polo Classic 2005

Do you have seat belts all round?Yes
Have you ever been in an accident where you were driving and it was your fault?No 
If yes please describe the accident and when it happenedNo
How long have you been driving for?2003


Secondary Education

I matriculated in 2003. Subjects taken: English, Afrikaans, Maths, Economics (financial side of business), Science, Biology, and Business economics. Average:70- 80's

Tertiary EducationBEd Teaching Degree - Foundation Phase -Unisa 2016
First aid TrainingYes (last First aid done in 2015)
Other trainingNo I don't have any other training


Reference 1:

Period and reason for leavingI have worked for Maryna since 2005.
Number of children, age and sex of the children when you started?She has one boy who was 2 years old when I started.
What were your duties?My duties are to look after the little boy, make sure he is fed, put him down for naps and is kept entertained.
Your comments on the experience with this positionI enjoyed it very much. 

Reference 2:


How did you get involved in child care and why are you interested au pairing/ babysitting?I got involved in childcare from High school when i was helping out at a crèche. I am interested in au pairing and babysitting now as I love children.
What is the age of the youngest child you have cared for?The youngest child I have cared for is a newborn.
What activities are you involved in?Activities I am involved in is going to the gym.
What do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies or other jobs?In my spare time I volunteer at "Reach for a dream" and spend time with family and friends.
What are your interests?My interests are arts and crafts, reading, writing, friends and family and working with children.
What do you like most about childcare and being part of a child's life?What I like most about childcare is hearing the things come up with, and the things they say 
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?Activities I enjoy doing with children are painting, play dough, out door games, and making things (arts and crafts)
Explain what you would do in case of an emergency?In an emergency I would phone the parents or the police.
What is the most difficult situation you have encountered while caring for a child? How did you handle it?One time I was an Au pair - we went to Mc Donald's, and wanted an ice cream and she is not allowed to have ice cream - she started screaming and everyone was looking at me, and eventually had to drag her out of Mc Donald's.
What is your approach to discipline?Very open minded, and tolerate. Depending on the actually situation and is it a matter of life or death - approach them with talking it out if they don't listen then take something away from them 

How would you handle:

A two year old having a tantrum?Again consider how important the thing is what he is throwing a tantrum over and try and compromise and meet him half way and see if we can resolve it some how
A 5 year old drawing on a wall?Depends on what they draw with, at 5 they don't know better, I won't laugh at it as its not appropriate, and talk it out and if they do it again will be more stricter 
An 8 year old refusing to do homework?I haven't encountered any difficult situations.
Which age groups are you comfortable working with?I am most comfortable working with children between the ages of 2 to 10 years  old.
Do you still work for any of your previous clients? Which ones?Yes I still work for Maryna.
Do you have any children of your own? If so, how old are they?

Yes, 2015

Please tell us a bit more about how you would describe yourself?I would describe myself as a friendly, adaptable, punctual, honest, reliable
Can you cook? (give an example of a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack)Yes, but depends on what I have to cook though 
BreakfastEggs, bacon, toast / omelets / cereal
Lunchchicken and salad / noodles
DinnerChicken, potatoes, carrots /macaroni and cheese
SnackFruit, healthy crackers
Is there any type of food you feel uncomfortable cooking?I am uncomfortable cooking huge meals like casseroles and stuff like that 
Please tell us a bit more about your family? Eg. Do you have brothers and sisters? How old are they? What do your parents do? Are your parents still married? etc.I have got an older bother who is 27. My dad passed away 7 years ago, and very close to my mom and brother. 

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