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Need a Tutor, Home Schooling Teacher or Facilitator?


Our one-on-one tutors will assist you in the comfort and security of your own home.  Improve your child’s grades, increase their test and exam results and reach their full potential.

Our tutors subscribe to a rigid mandate, they are all experienced. They must have a degree and/or other certified tertiary education related to the subjects they teach. They have immaculate credentials and a genuine interest and passion for teaching. We assist all age groups from Gr. R to Adult and we aim to assist with any subject your child may need assistance with.

Home Schooling Teachers

In today's educational climate, more and more parents are opting for homeschooling. There are many curriculum's to choose from and the quality of education received by children doing homeschooling especially where the content is delivered by a professional and their schedules are properly balanced with extra murals and social experiences outside of the home is far superior. Children learn faster in one-on-one or tiny comfortable class situations. If you are looking for support to implement your chosen school curriculum in a homeschooling environment then we can assist.

Sitters4U now also provides homeschooling groups classes. These are groups of children in the same area, and grade, the parents of the children in the class will take turns to provide the home class on a week by week basis and classes can include up to a maximum of 5 children as per department guidelines. This makes the option of homeschooling far more affordable. With a class of 5 children, rates per child can go to as low as R 4000 to R 5000 per child per month. If you are interested in finding out about our homeschooling groups in your area for 2018 or 2019 or you know of other parents with similarly aged children in the same grade as your child that would like to form a homeschooling group, click here to complete our homeschooling teacher enquiry form.


A facilitator is a person who is contracted to assist a child, generally in a main stream school environment, where the child has certain learning difficulties which are manageable with assistance. Usually parents are given permission by the school their child attends to have a facilitator present with the child in class throughout the school day in order to assist the child to learn in the classroom environment at the same pace as those children who do not have learning or physical disabilities. If your child requires this service we have many fantastic and qualified candidates available who would love to assist. Place your enquiry by clicking the link below for a quotation.

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Our Requirements for Tutors, Teachers and Facilitators

All tutors listed with us subscribe to the following mandate:
  • All have tutor and/or teaching and/or facilitation experience with contactable references
  • All have their own reliable child safe vehicle (ie seat belts all round)and a valid South African driving license
  • All  have a tertiary Degree/certified education related to the subjects they teach
  • All have a friendly, outgoing and caring personality
  • All have a passion and genuine interest in assisting their students to achieve the best results possible.
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What are our Tutors Fees

Fees vary according to the type of tutor required and the number of lessons per week and rates paid to staff normally vary from R 150 to R 350 per hour depending on the candidate. 

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Please click here to complete our Placement Request Form

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