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Sitters / Au Pairs in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria - Sitters4U Babysitting, House sitting and Au Pair services. - ShortTERM (21 hours to 90 Days)

ShortTERM (21 hours to 90 Days)

Short Term Placement Service Introduction

Short Term Placement Services are for any client requiring service for 21 hours or more from the same candidate for a period of less than 90 days with set hours on an ongoing basis for the duration of the placement. These rates are slightly lower than adhocCARE rates due to the guaranteed longevity and frequency of bookings.*

*As per the BCEA anyone employing the same person for longer than 90 days is viewed as an employer and a person working more than 21 hours in a month for a particular client is viewed as an employee. Through our short term service, you have no need to worry about these requirements and Sitters4U takes care of, and manages the employment relationship for short term roles.

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  • Sourcing and provision of professionally screened suitable candidates for short term service and often at short notice.
  • Pre-vetting and ensuring of pre-availability of suitable applicants for your requirements in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.
  • Interview setup or recommendation placement services.
  • Full house service including provision of documentation, and advice. 
  • We handle the contract, payments and manage any issues that may arise.
  • Free replacements at any time on short term placements.
  • Free temp service in the event of your booked carer falling ill or being unable to attend a booking given adequate notice (24 hours in Gauteng and 5 hours in Cape Town).
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Types of Carers Available


  • Infant Care  Specialists
  • Nannies
  • Full Time | Part Time Au pairs
  • PA - Au pairs
  • Night Nurses


  • Tutors
  • Home Schooling Teachers
  • Facilitators


  • Home Managers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Personal Assistants
  • House Sitters
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When to use our Short Term Placement Services

  • Would you like to employ the same carer for less than 90 days?
  • Visiting South Africa or a city in our service areas and would like to ensure your children are in safe, and professional, qualified carers hands?
  • Don’t have time to scour through hundreds of CV’s, do interviews, reference checks, police clearance and document checks yourself? Not to worry, we have done the hard work for you, pre-empting your requirements, prior to your contacting us and while many of our staff fulfil long term roles many are seeking long term roles and are able to assist you on a short term basis in the interim.

*If your requirements and schedule changes frequently or you are experiencing high turn over in staff due to regularly changing requirements and you do not require the same carer to be contracted continuously or your needs and the type of candidate you need, changes regularly, consider our premium AdhocCARE service. The AnyTimeCARE club provides you with access to au pairs, PA’s, night nursing and infant care services when you need it, with up to 22 bookings per month.Visit our AdhocCARE Service guide for more information here.

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Service Registration

  • Registration is a once off fee of R500.
  • The Registration Fee covers the sourcing of candidates internally with our already listed candidates and externally via various marketing and networking platforms.
  • Registration is strictly payable in advance, before we start the placement process.
  • Registration is not refundable and is valid per candidate to be contracted and per position.
  • Registration expires after 3 months and the role needs to be reregistered should no suitable candidate be contracted within the initial 3-month period or if the requirements for the job are changed after acceptance of quotation.

Placement Fee

  • Paid when a carer who has been introduced to you by Sitters4U or any of its representatives, accepts an offer of employment short term or otherwise.
  • The Placement Fee varies depending on the type of placement but the following guide applies:
  • 1-30 days: A minimum of R 1000 or 30% of total earned the candidate over the total period worked, whichever is higher.
  • 31-90 days: A minimum of R 3000 or 30% of total earned by the candidate over the total period worked, whichever is higher.

Please Note: Carer rates are charged separately from Agency Fees. Rates for short term service are more inline with AdhocCARE pricing and are generally slightly higher than long term placement carer rates.

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Important Terms

  • Fees are due in advance on confirmation of booking unless quoted otherwise.
  • The minimum hours required to be booked per session is 3 hours.
  • Rates are paid per hour, half hour rates do not apply.
  • Double rates apply on public holidays and from 6pm the night before a public holiday.
  • Overtime, or extra hours to be charged on completion, or on receipt of further booking details.
  • If a booking is cancelled more than 48 hours before the booking, a 50% cancellation fee is due.
  • If a booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking, a 100% cancellation fee is due.
  • Petrol is paid at a rate of R 4.00 p/km for any driving undertaken by the carer on your behalf, i.e not to and from work, except if you are staying more than 20kms from your closest CBD in our service areas and is paid on completion to the sitter in cash on the last working day of the role or monthly if extended beyond 30 days of service.
  • Overtime is paid at the quoted rate per hour plus 30% of the total earned for up to 45 hours per week. Thereafter 1 ½ times the normal rate of remuneration plus 30% agency fee will apply, paid on the last working day of the role or monthly if extended beyond 30 days of service. 
Review our full Terms of Service here.
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Short Term Placement Process

Step 1: Register | Get a Quote

  • Click here to complete our online quote request form.
  • On receipt of your request we will provide you with a quotation for the requested services.
  • If you would like to approve the quote, you will be sent an invoice for the required registration fee of R 500 or for short notice requirements or international clients, the full quoted fee will be due.
  • Pay your invoice to register the role on our network.
  • Once the registration fee is paid we will begin marketing the role internally and externally to attract suitable applications.

Step 2: Select | Interview

  • We assess the applications we receive in terms of your requirements and will forward a limited number of the top applications to choose from for interview pre-screened for your requirements. We will then forward the top applications to your for your review.
  • We will arrange interviews for you either in person or if you are travelling to South Africa on holiday or from a different city, via Skype or telephonically providing an interview guideline to assist in making the best decision for your family. 

*For traveling families or short notice clientele we can also select the candidate on your behalf. If you would then like a different candidate at any point we will provide alternative options for you to choose from, should such options be available and requirements for replacement are met

Step 3: Confirm | Sign

  • On completion of interviews, once you have selected a candidate or on confirmation of acceptance of our recommendation for placement, contact Sitters4U to confirm that you would like to offer the selected candidate the role. We will then take this forward to the candidate to confirm acceptance of the offer.
  • If the candidate accepts the offer, you will be provided with confirmation and the invoice for the placement fee and first month’s service or if shorter than 30 days, the full carer fees for the period will be due.
  • Once paid, your placement will be confirmed and you can expect the carer to arrive at the required address at the first booking date and time.
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