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What is the average salary of an au pair

Salary Calculator

The following rates are a guideline to the current market related rates and may vary according to your requirements, the hours required and the number and age of children. For many candidates this is the only income they earn and therefore the less hours required, the higher the rate will be :

 Less than 15 hours per week  R 90 to R 200 per hour
 15 to 35 hours per week
 R 85 to R 140 per hour
 35 hour per week or more per week 
 R 75 to R 130 per hour 
  • Daily rates can be negotiated for long term positions.
  • Rates are based on the number and age of children requiring care.
  • The duties required.
  • The age, experience and education level of the candidate.

Work out the average market related salary range you should offer by adding up the hours you require per week, the minimum rate and maximum rate per hour you can offer in the below calculator:

Salary Calculator

Enter hours required per week
Enter minimum hourly rate R.00
Enter maximum hourly rate R.00
Total average salary range R.00 to R .00 per month + R3.50 per km for driving

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