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Placement Service Fees

Fees vary from branch to branch and will be quoted on receipt of your requirements and request form.

Minimum Fees


  • Service initiation is subject to the payment of a non-refundable registration fee of R 500(ZAR).
  • This registers the position to be taken forward to our candidates and covers the fees involved in sourcing candidates on your behalf, marketing the role both with our internally already listed staff and externally across various marketing sites, job sites and social media platforms as well as the processing and short listing/preparation of applications for your review.  

 Placement Fee

  • Our minimum placement fee is R 5000 for any long term placement or 15% of the offered annual salary of the chosen candidate, whichever is greater. This applicable to all roles extending beyond 90 days.
  • Our minimum  placement fee is R 1000 for any short term placement shorter than 30 days or 30% of the total earned by the candidate over the total period worked whichever is higher.
  • Our minimum  placement fee is R 3000 for any short term placement shorter than 90 days or 30% of the total earned by the candidate over the total period worked whichever is higher.
  • Placement fees are due immediately once Sitters4U has confirmed a candidate appropriate for placement with the family, the family has approved and provided an offer to the candidate, and the candidate has accepted the offer.

Ongoing Service Option

We provide an ongoing service option for clients requiring this service:
  • This is optional for clients wishing to make use of the service after employing one or more of our staff in a long term capacity.
  • The ongoing service fee is R 2000 per month or the equivalent of 10% of the monthly salary of the chosen candidate or candidates, whichever is greater.
  • One months notice must be given for cancellation of this service.
  • Clients making use of the is benefit are entitled to:
  • Ongoing free replacements for the duration of the contract as required*
  • Up to 5 Free babysitting bookings per month as required.*
  • Up to 3 Free Short term bookings per month.*

* Terms and Conditions apply 

* At least three business days must be given as notice for bookings. Bookings are not guarenteed as they are availability dependent and hence we recommend providing as much notice as possible for your booking requests.

* Excludes fees to be paid to booked candidates.

* Babysitting bookings are not longer than 12 hour, Monday to Thursday after 6pm or 6pm Friday to 6am Monday.

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