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Our Family Care Team



Whether you need full time, part time, long term, short or flexi term service our team of Professional Nannies | ECD Practitioners, Infant Care Specialists, Night Nurses, PA - Au pairs, Chaperones, Au pairs and Governesses will cater to any professional child care needs your family may have.

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Student Care

Are you worried about your child falling behind in a post-Covid world? Our student care team consists of passionate educators able to deliver both online and in-person home schooling teachers , home schooling facilitators, special needs facilitators and tutors for all subjects for your Intermediate to FET phase aged children.

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Home and Administrative Care

Our professional home care team of Chefs, Home Managers, Personal Assistants, House  and Pet Sitters will assist in managing your home, administrative responsibilities, creating incredible meals or being there to care for your home and pets when you need to be away.

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Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469. 

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