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Long Term Placement

Long Term Placement Service Introduction

Long Term Placement Services are for families requiring service for longer than 90 days, for more than 15 hours per week, that would like to directly employ the services of professional family care support. Sitters4U will assist you through every step of the hiring process. Not only do we source and provide pre-screened options best meeting your criteria, but we assist in making the selection process as simple as possible for your family. 

Sitters4U set the bar for what is today considered professional family support in South Africa. Establishing the minimum requirements for what qualifies as 'professional' back in 2007. We insist on thorough vetting processes including police clearance, ITC checks, ID, drivers and document checks. All of our team members, with an average age group ranging from 25 to 45 years old, are experienced most with 3 years or more experience, have a minimum of matric, most with a tertiary level education. We were also the first in South Africa to require a minimum level 1 first aid and all of our staff have their own vehicles. We personally interview and reference check our team before bringing them onboard. Sitters4U prides itself on offering parents and families peace of mind, anytime.

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  • Sourcing and provision of professionally screened suitable candidates for placement
  • Pre-vetting all candidates applying specifically for your requirements
  • Interview setup
  • 3-month free replacement period on placements.
  • Full house service including provision of documentation, contracts and advice
  • Once Off Placement Fee


  • You as the client is viewed as the employer and responsible for employer based responsibilities such as paying tax and payslips.
  • Unlike flexi-term contracts where you receive ongoing free replacement in case of illness or otherwise, long term placement roles include only a 3 month probation with 1 replacement per placement in that period.
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Types of Carers Available

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When to use our Long Term Placement Services

  • Do you wish to employ the same carer for more than 3 months?
  • Would you like to employ a carer on a fixed term contract extending beyond 3 months?
  • Do you wish to directly employ one of our carers?
  • Do you require a long term carer,  at the same times every day, or week or with a schedule at approximately the same times on a month by month basis?
If you said yes to the above questions, long term placement is for you.
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Service Registration

  • Registration is a once off fee of R 850, due to initiate service on approval of quotation.
  • The Registration Fee covers the sourcing of candidates internally with our already listed candidates and externally via various marketing and networking platforms.
  • Registration is strictly payable in advance, before we start the placement process.
  • Registration is not refundable and is valid per candidate to be contracted and per position.
  • Registration expires after 3 months and the role needs to be re-registered should no suitable candidate be contracted within the initial 3-month period or if the requirements for the job are changed after acceptance of quotation.

Placement Fee

  • The Placement Fee varies depending on the type of placement and is a minimum of R 5000 or a payment equivalent to one month’s salary of the chosen candidate, whichever is higher.
  • Paid when a carer who has been introduced to you by Sitters4U or any of its representatives, accepts an offer of employment.

Please Note: Sitters4U includes the provision of a contract of employment in the cost of the placement fee. This is entirely optional, you may source your own contract, but it is highly recommended and developed to provide fair terms in line with the BCEA and those situations unique to home based childcare.

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We set the bar very high during our application process, and do pre-vet candidates based on your provided requirements which means that any carer whose profile is sent to you, will be capable of fulfilling the requirements of the role and interested in the roles duties and is available at the times required.

Due to the personal nature of the carer to employer relationship, (working in your home, with you and your children on a day to day basis) it is not as easy a match to guarantee as for example a secretary with a particular typing speed. It is impossible to guarantee suitability of a particular carer for the role offered or that you, your family and the carer personalities will be a perfect fit long term.
Suitability is determined during the interviewing process and we will provide you with an interview guide in order to determine and facilitate the best match possible.

Our contracts contain a built in probation period, where 2 weeks' notice may be provided within the first three months by either the carer or yourself, and thereafter a month’s notice may be given. If within a 3-month period of your new employee commencing service, if he/she either proves to be unsuitable or does not fulfil the duties required of him/her please note we provide 1 replacement per placement. Within the 3-month warranty period, we will:
  1. Contact your second or third choice from your original interview list, and check if they are still available and offer the role to them instead.
  2. Re-market the role internally and externally in order to attract new applications by suitable applicants to fulfil the role. Please note that due to the thorough nature of our application process, most new external applications take up to two weeks to process before a candidate can even be seen by you.
  3. Should you require another replacement within the 3-month replacement period or after the 3-month period, please note that a new placement and registration process will need to be followed.
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Placement Process

 Step 1: Register | Get a Quote

  • Click here to complete our online quotation form
  • On receipt of your request we will provide you with a quotation for the requested services.
  • If you would like to approve the quote, you will be sent an invoice for the required registration fee of R 850.
  • Pay your invoice to register the role on our network.

Once the registration fee is paid we will begin marketing the role internally and externally to attract suitable applications.

Please Note:

Time Frame for Placements

If your request requires external marketing to place the role, we will need at least two weeks to 1 month to provide candidates as we need to market the role externally, go through applications, request documents, set up interviews and perform the required checks before we can provide you with candidates profiles.

Step 2: Select | Interview

We assess the applications we receive in terms of your requirements and will forward a limited number of the top applications to choose from for interview pre-screened for your requirements. Like two children, no two families are the same either.
We will arrange interviews with your selected carers  providing an interview guideline to assist in making the best decision for your family.

All carers are pre-screened for your requirements, this means they have met or exceeded your provided educational and experience requirements unless otherwise specified. The interview is to establish a match in terms of  personality, ideologies, temperament, skill set, and energy and ability to work with you.

Step 3: Confirm | Sign

On completion of interviews, once you have selected a candidate, contact Sitters4U to confirm the hours, salary offer and start date to be provided to the selected candidate. We will then take this forward to the candidate to confirm acceptance of the offer.

If the candidate accepts the offer, you will be provided with confirmation and the invoice for the placement fee due will be provided.

Once paid, you will be provided with the contract for the placement within 2 working days and we will set a date for signing with your selected candidate.

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