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Guidelines for  Tutor Positions

Thank you for your interest in listing with us! Sitters4U is constantly looking for qualified tutors, instructors and facilitators to work with our students in the more Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Please take a few minutes to read carefully through the below information and click the link at the bottom of the page to fill in the online application form.
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Follow the step by step procedure outlined below to apply with Sitters4U:

Step 1: Check that you comply with our minimum requirements for listing

Sitters4U is looking for tutors who:

  • have previous experience teaching or tutoring
  • are self motivated
  • know how to teach proper study skills
  • have at least a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university or are busy completing one
  • are passionate about teaching
  • enjoy and know how to motivate children that are struggling in school
  • have their own reliable transport. Candidates need a vehicle so that you can reach their students homes where tutoring will generally take place.
  • have no criminal record
  • love being around children, assisting them to excel at the subjects they teach.
* Having proficiency in a particular subject area is advantageous as is the ability to speak a foreign language, however this is not essential.

Step 2: Prepare to complete the online application form.

Ensure that you have access to the following documentation before completing your application.

  1. Your full CV
  2. A copy of your ID
  3. A copy of your Drivers License
  4. A copy of your Matric certificate
  5. A recent colour photo of yourself ( in an electronic format).
  6. Your written references
  7. Your Degree certificate or proof that you are completing a degree
  8. Any other tertiary study certificates

Step 3: Complete your online application form by clicking here

Click the link in the heading above and complete your online application form. The online application form you fill in, will eventually form part of both your profile, displayed on the website and assists us in putting together your full profile which will be viewed by our clients, so it is very important to take note of the following guidelines:

  • This form can takes between 30 minutes and an hour to complete ( In the same way that any application form does).
  • You must use full sentences, proper punctuation and appropriate capital letters when filling in your application form.
  • Please try to answer all sections of the application as thoroughly as possible as it will lend towards a positive review and an interview with us.
  • We thank you in advance for your application and look forward to having you on board.

I’m ready, Id like to complete my application form ( click to fill in the application form)

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