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Long Term regular babysitting services

Club Babysitting Service

  • Club/long term babysitting services are available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Pretoria
  • Easy booking system via our website
  • Guarantee of service should at least 3 working days notice of booking be provided
  • Provision of experienced, educated candidates who are capable of providing supervisory/custodial care of children for regular occasional assistance over weekend, evening care during the week after 6pm from Monday to Friday or over a weekend.
  • Most of the staff we provide, have a tertiary education which is childcare related.
  • All candidates must complete a CPR or First Aid course within 3 months of joining our team.
  • All of our sitters have their own transport and in a crisis situation will be able to respond effectively and quickly ensuring your children will reach either a doctor or hospital in rapid response time.
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Club Service Fees

We do not deduct anything from our candidates wages and hence charge separate service fees in order to provide this service.

Service initiation is a once off payment of R 550, valid for 6 months after your last contract. Then you will need to choose a service bundle:

  • 3 bookings bundle valid for 1 month:  R 495
  • 5 bookings bundle valid for 3 months: R 660
  • 10 booking bundle valid for 6 months: R 1100

Should you run out of bookings or your contract expires, simply ‘top up’ with one of these:

  • 5 bookings valid for 3 months:     R 600
  • 10 bookings valid for 6 months:   R 1000

Babysitters Rates

  • The Hourly rates  are paid directly to the sitter in cash.
  • Rates vary depending on the candidate and number of children from R 60 per hour in Cape Town, R 65 per hour in Gauteng.
  • Double rates are charged on public holidays and from 6 pm the evening before a public holiday.
  • If you need care for more than 5 children, you will be required to book 2 sitters, the number of children will be divided by 2 and the applicable rate provided in the above table will be paid to each candidate.

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