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Advertise with Sitters4U

Why advertise with Sitters4U?

All our clients are parents and all of them use our website to find useful articles and information related to child care, events , courses and more. If your business has anything to do with children, parents, or our staff( mainly females aged between 20 and 40 years of age) this is your target market. It’s not only affordable, but we have one of the highest natural Google rankings for child care, babysitters, au pairs, domestics in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our website is built with a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimized) friendly format, meaning Google loves our site and promotes it naturally; this means more hits and more exposure for your business. We run a successful Google Ads Campaign. We are advertised monthly with a number of well known publications throughout South Africa as well as other websites. We currently receive around 9000 page views per month and approximately 3000 unique visitors 99% of these are targeted hits and more than 90% are from South Africa. That's a lot of exposure for very little input.

Pricing and Packages:

Mom’s Link Directory

This page is extremely accessible and noticeable throughout our website with a link to this page on every page of our website. This page has a listing of all of the following categories:

  • Children’s Events
  • Children’s Outings
  • Children’s Parties
  • Children’s Safety
  • Children’s Shopping
  • Children’s Services
  • Charity 
  • Pampered Parents
  • Parents Events
  • Parents Workshops
  • Parents Places
  • Where to stay

 The pricing to advertise in the Moms Directory is:

Type of Advert to be included in Moms directory
6 month Contract
12 month contract
 Other adverts for products and services- short advert A 300 character description with logo and link to your website R 489 R 949
 Other adverts for products and services
-Full advert
 A short advert as described above, full page description of your service and a contact form linked directly to your email.  R 649 R 1249



Please make payment to  the following banking details of the relevant amounts due to the following banking details:

Bank: ABSA

Account Type: Business Savings

Account Holder: Sitters4U CC

Account Number: 921 470 5374

Branch Code: 631 005



Advertise with Sitters4U

*Company Name:
*Contact Person:
*Postal Address:
*Physical Address:
*Day time contact number:
*Cell Phone :
Website Address:
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In which category would you like your company to be listed?

Upload your advertising materials (2mb limit)
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Date (e.g. 13.12.2008):
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Terms and Conditions

1. The receipt of this form from the advertiser will be considered as final approval and acceptance of the advertisement agreement, in addition it authorizes Sitters4U to display the advertisement on the Web and or Newsletter as specified in these terms and conditions.

2. Advertisements must be prepaid by all advertisers.

3. Sitters4U may charge interest on any amount not paid within the agreed period at the maximum permissible rate.

4. Sitters4U will not cancel a listing that is not cancelled in writing.

5. Any cancellation of listings must be received no less than 30 days prior to the new month of advertising.

6. The Advertiser must supply Sitters4U with all the advertising information required for the advertisement.

7. The Advertiser warrants that the supplied Information:
a. Does not infringe any applicable law(s), and

b. Does not offend any person, organization or group.

c.Does not offer a placement service currently offered by Sitters4U.

8. The Advertiser indemnifies Sitters4U, its distributors and agents, against any and all liability arising out of the publication of the advertisement via the web or newsletter.

9. Sitters4U and shall not be responsible or liable in respect of any loss or damage to the Copy whilst in possession of the Listing.

10. These terms and conditions represent the entire terms and conditions between the Advertiser and Sitters4U and any amendment shall be reduced to writing and signed by the Advertiser and Sitters4U to be of any force or effect.

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