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Babysitting Services

AdhocCARE (On-Demand)

AdhocCARE Service Introduction

AdhocCARE is for families that require occasional booking of a childcare professional  or personal assistant for periods ranging from 3 to 12 hours on a once off, or irregular basis in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Our Service includes provision of experienced, educated Sitters who are capable of providing supervisory/custodial care of children for occasional assistance anytime and who will have experience working with children the same age as yours and who can provide home management or PA assistance leaving more time for you to spend with your children.
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When to use our AdhocCARE Services

  • Romantic weekend away? Want to know that the kids are safe and having as good a weekend as you are?
  • Need a chaperone for the kids to dinner?
  • Need a sitter to cook a meal or be responsible for the kids for a day?
  • Nanny cancelled on you, again and you need to make a meeting?
  • Looking for game based entertainment at your family braai?
  • Work related or multi school evening functions?
  • Need an assistant for a day?
  • Got a weekly class you would like to attend?
* Regular discounts on booking fees  and group bookings on our newsletter. Be sure to subscribe to receive these here.   
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Notice Required for Bookings

Cape Town: A minimum of 3 hours lead time is required from receipt of proof of payment.
Gauteng: A minimum of at least 1 working days notice is required from receipt of proof of payment.
Bookings with these notice periods may be made on working days only, for short notice bookings after hours please Whatsapp to +27746560469 to find out if we can assist before making your booking or processing payment.
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Booking Types

As most of our sitters have regular jobs during ‘Priority’ times (Monday to Friday before 6pm) our candidate availability is limited during these periods. Providing less than 2 days notice has a similar effect with far fewer candidates available in your area, pre-interviewed, assessed and checked for your convenience, with the correct skill set and experience to care for your children or needs and available on the days and times you require service. The agency service rates for Priority Bookings are therefore higher than for Primary Bookings.

We differentiate between Primary Bookings and Priority Bookings.

Primary Bookings:

  • More than 2 days working notice , and;
  • after 6pm, Monday to Friday, or Anytime over a weekend
Priority Bookings
  • less than 2 working day notice, and | or;
  • before 6pm, Monday to Friday

Service Options

Agency fees are determined by your selected service option, while the Sitter Fee is based on your requirements, as specified in your booking form.


  • For clients with no foreseeable need for future bookings or AdhocCARE services less than 3 months in duration.
*Know the dates and times for your upcoming bookings over a period of 90 days or less? Download our Short Term Placement Service Guide here and save on agency service/booking fees.

The AdhocCARE Club

  • For Clients who will need Adhoc services for 3 months or longer, and make use of the service more than twice monthly. Join the AdhocCARE Club to save up to 50% on agency booking fees when compared to Pay-as-you-Go Service for a small monthly subscription fee.
UPDATE! Our AdhocCARE club clients can now make up to 3 adhoc bookings per month, including either 3 primary bookings or 2 primary and 1 priority booking in our monthly package fee.
You can book a babysitter, night nurse, au pair, chef, PA, professional nanny or infant care specialist to assist you when you need it.
AnyTimeCARE Club

Our premium service offer, with the AnyTimeCARE Club you will pay no additional Agency booking fees except what is due for Sitter Fees and includes up to 22 bookings per month, after which, AdhocCARE Club booking Fees apply.

This service was created for clients whose ChildCARE or HomeCARE needs are irregular in terms of times or the type of service required, for those clients with 'unusual requirements' who find that you are experiencing a high turn over in their contracted childcare staff, or for those clients who do not wish to employ their staff directly and would prefer Sitters4U to handle payments, pay slips, time sheets etc. on your behalf.


Agency Fees


  • Primary Bookings: R 300 per booking credit
  • Priority Bookings: R 450 per booking credit

AdhocCARE Club

  • 3 Month Contract: R 450 per month
  • 6 Month Contract: R 350 per month
  • 12 Month Contract: R 250 per month 
  • 2 Primary and 1 Priority booking at no additional agency booking fee
  • 3 Primary bookings per month
*Get an additional 20% off your contract price in paying for your full contract duration on sign up.
  • Primary Booking Credits: R 150 per booking credit
  • Priority Bookings Credits: R 300 per booking credit


Includes up to 22 booking credits per month

  • 3 Month Contract: R 1800 per month
  • 6 Month Contract: R 1300 per month
  • 12 Month Contract: R 1000 per month 
*Get an additional 20% off your contract price in paying for your full contract duration on sign up.

Sitter Fees

Agency Fees do not include the Sitter Fee. Sitter fees will be calculated depending on your requirements for each booking as completed in our online booking form. Rates vary, depending on the sitters experience, education level and the number and age of children requiring care, city, etc. and ranges from R 85 per hour upwards.
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Types of Sitters Available for AdhocCARE

Click on the below candidate types to  see additional requirements or find out more about the type of carer, their roles and responsibilities:

Minimum Requirements for our Team

All of our Sitters have:

  • Experience and References: At least 1 year’s child care experience with contactable references, most have 3 to 10 years of experience or more.        
  • Vehicles: Their own vehicles and driver’s licenses, so they can not only provide lifting and have reliable transport but can get your child to emergency services, in the case of an emergency.
  • Education: Our Sitters have a minimum of matric, most have a University or childcare related tertiary education.
  • Personality: We prefer working with Carers who are dedicated, organised, friendly, energetic, creative, patient, active and caring.
  • First Aid: Our Sitters are required to either have completed a SETA approved first aid course or that they sign up for a course when joining our team.

Additional Requirements

Nannies | Infant Care Specialists | Night Nurses

  • Experience: Have 3 or more years of experience working with infants and/or  toddlers.
  • Education: If the Sitter has completed an infant care, baby massage, early childhood development course it is viewed as advantageous and is preferred.
  • Personality:Sitters working with children under 2 years old must have a passion for working with babies and toddlers, a loving, patient and nurturing nature, proven through their working experience and references.

* If you require an auxiliary, prenatal or other qualified nurse please email us on

* Please Note: Night Nursing service is only available for children under 5 years old and at a maximum ration of 3 children: 1 carer with a start time of between 18h00 and 21h00 on any given day.

PA |Au pair | Home Managers

  • Experience: At least 2 years working in an administrative role.
  • Education: A minimum requirement of an NQF5 level education (Certificate/Diploma or Higher).
Need a sitter and/or a personal assistant for a day? You have come to the right place. Many of our Sitters have experience in a corporate environment, as personal assistants, in administrative roles and many hold business based tertiary educations and degrees. Our team can do everything from shopping, managing your dry-cleaning, preparing meals, managing emails or house staff and your calendar.
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Ready to register and get a quote or generate a booking?

Click here to complete our easy to use registration, quotation and invoice generating form. Once you have completed this form, pay the invoice generated and we will be in touch with a number of options, depending on availability and notice provided, for you to choose from. Please note that priority bookings will attract fewer applications than primary bookings. 
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Do you have a question you can't find the answer to or do you need urgent assistance? Email us on or drop us a WhatsApp for the fastest reply on +27 74 656 0469.

Browse our Sitters

Click appropriate time slot to view available sitters.

Please note that a candidate being listed as available on the site, does not mean that the candidate will be available or interested in your booking request. When making a booking we provide notification of the booking to available staff and will provide you with the profiles of the applying candidates to choose from. 

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